as a soldier in Curacao and Dutch New Guinea





Via Curaçao, as a quartermaster with 7 people, a Grand Major, Lieutenant 2nd class, 2 sergeants and

2 soldiers, deployed to New Guinea

May-1962 22.00 hours departure from Schiphol, with a scheduled flight via New York to Curaçao, still with a propeller plane, a DC-7C, flown to New York,

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A Greyhound bus to New York downtown driven Empire State Building New York-

Viewing Promenade-View down and then you also saw the Chrysler building very well:, and with a plane flown from to Curaçao because our plane to Curaçao only took off in the evening, we still went on top of the Empire State Building then and now again the tallest building in New York, the 86th floor,

Arrived on 16 May 1962





then left for Curaçao at about 22:00 at Boroekoe airport landed, picked up by the Marines in a special vehicle and from there to Parera, the Marine Barracks brought and quartered.
The next day at 10:00, I was in the Infirmary (Marine) moving boxes with guns, I was standing alone on one side and on the other side, and when we moved with the last and highest coffin, those two others smoped him hard to the side, I couldn't send him anymore, so the tip of my left index finger was too cracked, to the army doctor but who said this I can't do, I had to go to a surgeon in town, Willemstad so, this one said to me I have to cut your nail off without anesthesia, I said do that anyway, he thought me a brave person, I said the pain of the wound is more than cutting with your
lancet , then I spent about a week in the infirmary, at one point I asked a Marine corporal nurse, who was removing the first bandage on my finger or I could do it myself, the finger went first in a bowl of liquid, then he developed the bandage of my finger, then he asked me, dare you, I said yes, because when I call you you too late, he also admired me.

Furthermore, I had a long time "free of all services", at one point I wanted to see "Campo Alegre" (Merry Camp) one inside/out, obviously with a good piece in my collar, I had to hand in my camera at the gate, and I could continue, to my surprise there were girls of 13 (thirteen) years young earning their "dowry" (according to) I was noticed by the MP, who wanted to contain me, but a} I had seen it by now, and b} I would get a douw anyway because it was already 00:45 (about) so I let them know that I would go with them, and we walked to the Land Rover of them with the Corporal in it Then , then she tried to handcuff me, I said if you do this I'm fighting my ass off, I'm not a criminal, I'm good with you, and now this, I don't think so, that corporal said to their guy, so I'm going to jail.
The next morning I had to report to the commander of our (Quartermasters) a Grand Major, he asked me what I was going to do there, I said I wanted to see that camp one inside, he suggested, I do not believe, I said, I cannot give you the faith, then he struggled to keep his smile, probably my name with Commander H. and Captain V. had already rushed forward, I finally got 8 days weighted, which was actually a fortnight strict, but yes I was one of the few quartermasters, 3 pieces, then he also lost 1/3 of the
One time we had picked up men at the airport at night, they had come to Curaçao 4 weeks later, and then I forgot to report to the watch commander for my punishment, this was at 14:00, then the service was over, Stood the commander of the guard with two burly Marines next to him outside the doorway and asked for van den Hurk, when I said, this is me, he asked why I had not reported to him, I asked him, in a balorous mood probably, why do I have to go to jail, he said yes of course, I said no I do not, then I might as well have stayed in the Netherlands, he immediately hit the stress and said to
me , come let us not make any trouble now, stood our Lieutenant, Lieutenant M., and he said to that Corporal, and when an Officer says something to a subordinate in the Navy, I am now deputy commander, the commander has returned to the Netherlands, and the punishment of soldier van den Hurk has now been lifted, I looked surprised at him, he said, you are right too, we have always been together since then, he a second Lieutenant and I as a soldier, so I have a service in Curaçao, on the ship (back and forth) and in New Guinea, M Lieutenant was.
17th Infantry Battalion Chassé seal ton in Curaçao.

On 25 June 1962 by troop transport ship, the "Southern Cross"

through the Panama Canal and Pearl Harbour,
to New Guinea, when we boarded a soldier came up to me and said he had to stay "on standby" for the ship's Technical Service, he had done shipbuilding engineering training, I went to Captain V. and asked if I could also be "standby" for the TD, he said, it's good, so I had the whole trip free of all services

when we went to pass the Equator at one point I was also called !?!? to be baptized by the King of the Seas Neptunes, see photo:










Later arriving at the Honolulu Islands, we had to wait outside for the American military police, who we had to show our photo-film cameras, in particular the position of the counters so that when we left later we had to show it again, to see if we had shot any pictures or film, if we had coated a complete roll through it and the counter was back on the same number?!?!? Then we docked at Pearl Harbour, a bus with a Navy chapel of the Americans came and gave away a piece of music, then we each got, for going ashore, 2 (TWO) dollars of digest, really Dutch, so a big mess there.



New Guinea

When we were near New Guinea we were accompanied by a Dutch Navy frigate, for protection, the first we arrived on the quay of Hollandia on July 20, 1962,


here about 80% of the men disembarked, but at the quayside a boy from the T. Gerrie family, Gerrie, was shouting at me, but I had to stay on board because I arrived on the island of Biak, where Captain K. was standing down on the quay shouting at me (?!?) there were accommodated with the Marines there we slept on field beds under a mosquito net ,
 when I'm dreaming in my klambie, I think...

at one point there was an alarm at night, here was a real alarm when there was no more alarm, and we went down and got at the stairs a cartridge full of bullets for our carbine, then we had to lie down in the trench, there was an " enemy aircraft observed by the radar service, while waiting in the trench what was coming drove straight into my field of vision a marnier death, the truck carried no light of course, later turned out this false alarm, the radar service ordered an upcoming KLM aircraft to swerve, it turned out that plane the plane they had raised the alarm for.??!!
later, as the only one of our platoon, I had to live/sleep in a new bungalow with the field telephone exchange, of course I had to sleep there on a field bed, but otherwise, there was nothing to do, sometimes Lieutenant of R., that was a son of the negotiator for the Netherlands at the UN, regarding New Guinea Indonesia, but when he came in and I lay on my bed, he said, just lie down I know how it works (?!?), and at night I connected the plant to the guard, which was also located in that bungalow.

I also had to wait once at the Air Force's jet fuel storage, on a given we had, in the middle of the night, alarm, and then alarm was also really alarm, because we were in a "war situation", I walked to a corner with another boy with me and saw a person on the other side of the fence , in a white blouse' (?!?) I called, stop who there?, I unlocked my carbine, I got no answer, I welded my carbine I called again who put my safety pal there, and at that moment Captain K. came and he yelled at that person, when he knew it was a Papuan police officer, that he was lucky, that it was me , another had already shot him in a panic, because of my conduct I prevented the death of an innocent person and a conflict between the Dutch government and the Papuans.

Later, a Dakota, from the Air Force, was flown to Hollandia, there were on the plane on the sides two wooden benches attached, in the back of the box were guys from the Randstad, who were sitting in clovercoats and in the front were the Brabanders who were

sitting the toepen, at one point one knocked against the wooden septum, then the copilot came to see what was going on, this was also a Brabander because he looked into the cards and said, oh you play better, The Dakota that flew us from Biak to Hollandia.

further we landed in Hollandia and we were placed +/- 4 men in bungalows, I had the main bedroom with sink and so on, in the evening before we went to sleep we caught a Tjitjak which we took inside and caught the mosquitoes and ate them.

a Yellow-crested cockatoos and that was with my "roommate",

in the evening we went into the canteen to celebrate that the platoon was reunited, now that it was out of control, a boy threw a can of beer around a pile of cans, resulting in several broken glasses, and when we had to kick out I kicked a can of what was on the ground, right through a small window in the middle door, if I could have made a living with it, I couldn't have done it, then we went to bed, we were later woken up by Captain V.dat we had to come to report the next day,

the next day when I was on report the Captain stated that I had destroyed someone else's property in a drunken and rowdy mood, I said Captain that can't if you're drunk you don't know what you're doing so it's not simultaneously rowdy. , come back immediately, he suggested again, but now the other way around, rowdy, drunk, I said that's the same, I got 8 days weighted, I had to sit with another boy in a big orange tent my "douw",

Na two days I had to come to the Captain, he said there are a group of artists here to perform, Mieke Telkamp, Willeke Alberti, Willie Alberti and Joop Doderer, you have to take care of the sound system, hey here we go again, after a while Willeke Alberti asked if I wanted to turn off that sound authority because his voice was helped with the destruction, If that happened

I should "go back to jail", he said no I just say I need you and can't miss you, later in the evening he asked if I wanted to walk with Willeke to the bungalow, she needed something, when we came outside we walked gearmd together to the bungalow where they were sleeping. , In the middle of the night a human figure came running up, I had "borrowed" a gun from an officer, this one was much smaller than our jungle carrabine, we ask who there, was it a Papuan girl who came to bring coffee for one of our soldiers, we said that this one

was waiting at that moment waiting by the trucks, explained to her how to walk, she said, I don't do it now, I'll do that in the morning, then we told her we'd walk by those trucks, bring us coffee, she said o.k., the next morning, 4:00 a.m., she came to bring us a thermos of coffee, and she went to the trucks to bring that boy's thermos, later she came back crying. , with scratches on her arms and all that, we asked what had happened, they told me, crying, that he had kicked her away, which turned out, he had been caught with her in a congratulating situation and was informed if they were to see this girl again he had to appear before the court martial, namely we were officially in a war situation, and therefore he had removed her in a not immediately gentle way, when our guard was over and we were on bed with the Captain coming to a complaint from that girl, which was a legitimate complaint from that girl, we did not spare this boy, we found this a total misconduct.
At some point, I had to get to the Captain, he had his brother-in-law with him, this was a executor of a construction company, from the Netherlands, who was building bungalows at Sentani Lake but had no more electrical engineers, if I wanted to install them, I said agree but with my buddy, Pieter H., he agreed, you have a scooter license , yes I said no, then he asked for a scooter license is the same as a motorcyclelicense? I said yes, how did you always come to Oirschot with your motorcycle, I said without a license, then he said you'd be out of luck, otherwise you would have got a scooter, otherwise we got 5 guilders an hour of which we had to drop half of it to the canteen pot for the other boys.


When I met that performer,
Mr. "From K., he said you'd take that scooter with you, of course, I thought you were," he said. Later I had to give him back, the Captain said he had had complaints from other officers, who felt that it could be just like a soldier could ride a scooter and not them as officers (???!).















During an inspection by a judge on the electrical installations in the bungalows the judge said that it was rejected, I asked why he said it does not look, I asked if he was from the beauty committee or if he was for the technique, I said if you find a technical error you may disapprove it, just start, said ok approved.

 o get on the beach I saw that Pieter was still struggling to get out, I thought I should get back in there to get Pieter out, when I had done that, I got a lot of thunder from him, his reaction obviously, you had let me drown etc., later during repetition exercises heard that he had drowned in Amsterdam, that's where he came from.




















When we went back on October 27, 1962, we did so with troop transport ship the "Aquarius" which sailed via Singapore>>Djibouti>> via the Suez Canal to
Rotterdam. In Singapore, we weren't allowed off the ship, for us, according to say, had already been another troop transport ship the Seven Seas, the men were allowed 6 hours off, and
according to say, they were still searching after 6 days, there I asked a crew member if he wanted to buy me a film camera, for 120,00 guilders he bought one with zoom lens, unprecedented in the Netherlands, from a Captain I got a roll of film, I had no money for it.




from youto Singapore to Djibouti (French territory), we were supposed to go to Aden but there was already bumblebees between North and South Yemen, arrived in Djibouti we were informed that we were not allowed to go to the Kashba, SO, at the quay there was a little boy of about 14 years old the customers were recruiting for sister who played the whore. In the left-hand picture, below, there is a professional sergeant who walked me, then we sat in a café talking to a soldier of the French Foreign Legion, that was a German.

Yes, there must be a difference, right?

 When we arrived there we only saw how beautiful this is:

Statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps View Porthole but Supertanker in Suez Canal

There Arab parlevinkers came on board with merchandise and I saw for the first time pictures, e.g. a
woman with a milk bottle in her vagina, and I heard the cry: Look, don't buy, then we went on to Rotterdam. Ifwe've seen wind force 10 on
the Mediterranean, well, believe me, the ship is really
going crazy, when he "dived" in front of a wave
he sometimes came up with his ass loose then shook the whole ship and "lay" he immediately silently, this then called them "pole pecking" there was a
farewell dinner for the officers, the commander raised his drink and said to home, and at the same time the ship picked up a pole the whole contents of the drink popped out, so laugh, we (the other men) also had a farewell dinner: farewell dinner:

Then I had to work, about 80% of the boaters were seasick.
26-11-1962 Disembark at 9:45 a.m., with the whole family, my own and my fiancée's, with my in-laws in the car and at 2 p.m. at home. A great reception by the family, then at my in-laws' house, at the Hinthamer end 2 days of partying.

The above shield received from the People of Eindhoven. Later had a reception of the municipality at the town hall, since most officers of the battalion Infantry Chassé lived in the municipality on south there were several also there, when they saw me they came to me (?!?)

and asked how it was, I said for fun, I think I sign up, then they said, now we go out of the army, kidding, they said there are guys who never forget and you are one of them.

Then we got a silver cigarette chute from the city

council, whether you smoked or not, you have to come now. Every year the connection canoton keeps a ruin, always with someone else, in the beginning we did not go there, but lately we did, meanwhile (2011) some died.
New Guinea Memorial Cross "with the Buckle -1962-"

found that in 2013 I could register as a veteran 71 years,

Curaçao and Dutch New Guinea.

After further research on the New Guinea Memorial Cross I received this sent home with Buckle, this is on the ribbon of the cross a gold-plated strip with the text >1962<, and on the Baton a gold-plated star this you got if you had participated in a military action against the "malicious",
(I also had to wait once more at the air fuel storage of the Air Force, on a given we had, in the middle of the night, alarm, and then alarm was also really alarm, because we were in a "war situation", I walked to a corner with another guy with me and saw a person on the other side of the fence, in a white blouse' (?!?) I called, stop who there? I unlocked my carbine, I got no answer, I welded my carbine I called again to stop who put my safety pal in there, and at that moment Captain Krijgsman came and shouted at that person,
when he knew it was a Papuan police officer, that he was lucky, that I was so cold-blooded, another had shot him in a panic, because of my cold-blooded action I prevented the death of an innocent person and a conflict between the Dutch government and the Papuans)




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