as a soldier in the Netherlands - Ede -     Roosendaal - Vught and Oirschot

Registration number: 420207140 - Fortunately all two still in possession

8 February 1961 is to stand up at the Liaison Service in Ede in the Simon Stevin barracks,

we got our food in the room on normal pottery plates, department training petty officers/officers,































During exercises, I fell off my own. around 1968, the general practitioner, Dr. De Z., observed that during stress, or sitting in the "draft" that I get constriction in my neck blood vessels due to tension in my neck muscles, a lot of headaches or unconsciousness.b. , he stated that I had no feet to write home with, after which I replied that I did so with my hands, in response I got "approved" again,

I told the ensign that I didn't really want to be "Commando, to which he said listen for your intelligence are you approved for the Liaison Service, that I was assigned to the training under- officers, follow him the I.Q. of the army and physically for the Commandos what more do you want  






connection service to the Command Training at the Rucphens moor in a tented camp on 4 April 1961 so fairly cold, we slept on bed beds (!). After a few weeks of trudging around and being quite pinched, in the morning 5:15 am we had to get in sports gear within 5 minutes, then we had to run around the camp, when we were late we all had to get back in the tent, then the tent was closed and then tear gas capsule was thrown inside, when we returned after the weekend of leave we had to walk from the barracks in Roosendaal to the tent camp, and on the way we were really pinched, once we had to take a brick from a house under construction in each hand and turn around in circles until we cried in pain, another time we had to jump into a fairly deep ditch (early April) and then wade several kilometers through it , etc. etc.,

at some point we had to climb into the Tower I refused to climb it because I was "afraid of heights", to put it briefly, the captain trained me did say that he thought it was a shame, because I had never given up, and even during marches i carried pimples of other boys, so after four weeks 'squeezed off to be stopped.
Then April 25, 1961, from there to Vught with the Garde Grenadiers

with the training "Infantry Connection" first I had to catch up for another month training because of the Commando training, what I can remember from this is, among other things, after returning from evening permission, on Wednesday night, my 'buddies' had put the chamber sweeper in my straw bag, I turned this straw bag then pulled all the laces out of the shoes, pipes and sleeves tied together, we had the next morning exercise , and then went to sleep (this of course cost me a few hours) well there was only one who laughed in the morning. (lucky).














Hence on June 6, 1961 to Oirschot to the 17th Battalion Infantry "Chassé" at the Staff & Staff Care Company, Liaison Platoon, when we reported to the battalion building they knew nothing so I say now we go again, but they clearly did not agree. In general it was only time stuffing, we have been "on exercise" again in Celle, Germany, we also had an exercise in the Rucphense moor:

Around 1961, Removing portion of nail from left big toe then burning shut from place where the removed nail had sat, then I was local sedated, this was repeated later in life to the right big toe, here I was treated under anesthesia.
At one point we got the start of quite a free exit to the dining room, this obviously got out of control at the beginning, at one point there were a large number of men standing in front of the dining room and a vain tried to "steer" this to close the doors with a beam behind it for the blocking, he didn't realize that the mass of soldiers pushed the door with handles and all the way out, later the same thing happened again, and then I shouted, in questioning form, to that Ensign: should that door come out again?, then I was tackled from behind by a Captain (Captain V.) and asked why I had to call
that , and who I actually was, I said to him private J.G. van den Hurk, he asked, which company did I say Staff and Staff Care Company, he said I am your new commander, come but this afternoon on report, I went to him in the afternoon, he stated that I had called, in inflammatory form, that door has to come out again, when I said I had called this in questioning form, he looked at me in amazement, first of all you have to listen to your captain, then wait for the verdict, and then you can appeal, but I already appealed, then he asked me to stay here, I said yes of course, then he called the battalion commander, Commander, Commander, Commander H., and asked if he wanted to do a "domestic examination" ,

after confirmation he said to me, you can go you can still hear. I asked the boys in the platoon room what a domestic investigation actually means, then they said to me, well after this comes the court martial. I had to come to a Captain (Captain K.), with the presence of a Lieutenant, as a notulist, I had to tell my story, in which I stated "that a cock of an Ensign prob the door...., when the "interrogation" was finished the Captain asked me read through, after having done this he asked me; agree, I said yes, when he asked me did you read it well, I said yes, you meant "that dick of a ser ser, he said, but that's right, I said it and I mean it too, do you have a pen, I signed the report and gave it back," said that Captain; I've never seen anything like this, pff.
Later that day I had to come to the Superior, he said go at ease, I went into rest at first, then he said, I've said go at ease, having studied my conduite state, three days of light judgment because I was whistling during exercise, and six days of light, this had been the whole platoon, because of not getting out of the beds in time, then he read the report of that afternoon, shot in his laughter and said "finally someone who indiscriminately of rank or person honestly tells the truth", I am tired of that mucus all around me all
day. You can go, but before you call anything, look back. Of course Captain V. was waiting for me, he asked for the verdict, I said to him, I have to look back before I call anything, I had to come, he called Commander Horsthuis and asked if it was true, this confirmed this.
Now I was afraid that from now on, I'd be with Captain V. the conscious Head of Jut would be/become, but nothing could be further true, I had a great service in Oirschot at Superior H. and Captain V., but in mid-December 1961 I submitted a request whether I could get on new leave, we had a great service at Christmas and were ready old on new, as a reason I gave up that my mother's birthday was, then I had to come to the captain and this one asked me: should I believe
this? (my mother was actually december 30th birthday), I said captain the faith I can not bestow you, he suggested you're not afraid

eh, I said, I don't understand what you meant, he said, ok approved, later there was battalion apple, said Commander H. All the engagements have been withdrawn, who still want leave to submit this request to me, torn up, the captain turned around and said, looking at me, you have heard it, if you make a request to the commander I will put a meaningless advice under it, torn, so I thought, whoever says A must also say B, I so this request submitted to the commander, I had to come back to the captain and he said, you are really not afraid huh , I said I still do not know what you mean, he wrote under the request: since requesting very well fulfills his duties, I have no objection to this request (meaningless advice),

then I had to come to the superior and who said: should I believe this? I said to the superior "I can't give you the faith" , he couldn't suppress his smile and then said you're really not afraid, I said that the captain also said, but I don't understand what you mean, he ok approved, but submit evidence to the satisfaction of the request, so I became white, said the superior: this does not have to be said, but I have to put this under it, because we too are checked, have fun. ("Finally someone who indiscriminately of rank or person honestly tells the truth").
Remove portion nail of left big toe then burn shut from place where the removed nail had sat, this is later in life repeated to the right big
toe. I had to wait once and I had swapped my Garant rifle for a Stengun, which was much smaller and lighter, now had the Officer of Picket, this was then our "Mother of the Company", Sergeant Major M., an irresponsible fanatical soldier, he had decreed that every one who comes in after noon-at-night should report to the

watch commander, so I was at the gate at 12:00 a.m. a first class sergeant comes in, sat like a cannon, with a Vespa scooter on his hand, I told him to report to the watch commander, he sees I have nothing to do with you, I said can be but you have to report to the watch commander anyway

, he suggested I'm your superior, I said, may be but this is only in rank, but I'm now you more in office, so report to the watch commander, he walked by without reporting, I let the Stengun slide off my shoulder loading him, but he gives a loud metallic sound in the middle of the night, he dropped his Vespa out of his hands and stormed into the waiting room, then "the turnips were cooked" asked Major M. to me why did you actually do this, I said I followed your orders, everyone who comes in after 12:00 pm must come in, he said yes but no professionals, I said you did not say, he said that is, he walked away, he walked away, he said , then he turned his own around and asked, with a broad smile, you had still shot also sure, when I had a broad smile.
In the meantime, I was allowed to drive with my
father's MAICO to Oirschot and the like (without a licence) and then we were "chosen to go via Curaçao to Dutch New Guinea, we went with 7 men, including myself 4 weeks for the other men as quartermen,




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