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call sign: first: Gerrie and later Ger

Born on 7 February 1942, at +/- 6.30pm, together with twin sister Ria,
According to tradition, of our Sjaan, we were in our opinion Papa, "luckybabies" Because we, Ria and I, made sure that the number of 5 children in a family was reached and therefore did not need us Papa as "war slave" to Germany


from: Adrianus Petrus van den Hurk *21-11-1906 †18-09-1970
and Maria Innocenta Henskens *30-12-1911 †16-03-1994)
in verbekestraat 12 te 's-Hertogenbosch
erdere brother and
sisters: Sjaan, *31-05-1932 <> *Piet 20-10-1929 29-09-2007 Getr. on 25-06-1953,
Willy, *07-05-1935 <>Piet *24-09-1931 †21-02-2006 Getr.
at 11-10-1958, Jos, *20-10-1938 †11-08-2013 <> Nellie *28-02-1940 †04-10-1990 Getr. on 3-08-1957,

Twin sister Ria married to Harrie de Kort *19-01-1939 †24-03-2015 Getr.on 11-05-1959.

               twelves and a half years married                                          25 years  married



Here's where we lived:


I remember as a toddler (?) is that I saw a German soldier on a bicycle with us on the other side of the road, at the M. family fleeing inside and that we once sheltered in the basement of the "Flour Factory Koudijs-de Heus" (now Tramkade 12 a cultural center) where my father worked then, further that Ria and I walked on clumps through the snow along the Aa , we also had cloaks that our mother had made of old army clothes that had been left over from the war, to the preschool behind the "Bartjeskerk"

of course on the 'sidewalk' and that I suffered from the snow that stuck to the nuggets, that I sometimes put in my pants in that kindergarten (Big Hope). A little later I had fired fire at the back of the place, my mother saw it, grabbed me walked to a 200 liter water ton let me lower my head down into that full water ton, pulled me up and said, if you want to light a fire, I'll put you out for good, and that's right.
I was constantly suffering from spontaneous nosebleeds, this to Dr. van M. and who sent me by the ENT specialist, my mother and I went to the Great Hospital to treat this when I was on the operating table the specialist came with tweezers with a tissue with a fluid on it to freeze that blood vein, When I saw him coming at me with that tweezers, I panicked as a 5-year-old kid, and when that specialist snapped me that I needed to be calm, my mother put that man back in place and told him to take into account that I was only 5 years
My mother and I went to St. John de Deo hospital for groin fracture surgery on both sides, which involved trauma on injections, I got it twice in every groin area, my mother had gone to Dr. van M. a year earlier, then I had a thing for the doctor, then I put too much strain on the other leg for a year and so the second one, which I got on the towpath, was cycling neet Den Dungen, and then with a big headwind I felt that "went wrong", on a Jaagpad they used to go ahead with people and/or
What I can remember from when I was about 6-7 years old that H.R. S., called "the Swaantje" (this person was in the street of high regard, he had a car in the whole neighbourhood, he was a representative at "the Three Moles" a coffee roaster in our city) asked me if I wanted to take a letter to the Chestnut Street, I said I didn't want to do that, he promised to reward me with A Golden (ƒ 1.00), a capital at that time and certainly for myself, I said to him that I had said I did not want to do it, so I did not do it
! He had gone to my mother had said that he admired my fortitude and that I would take it far (?).
Previously, in the HEMA together with and at the instigation of Wout V. I 'stole' a pencil in which we were caught, and were taken by the police to the police together and were placed outside in such a doghouse (it was in the summer), my mother then said to the police, let him sit for a while, I'll pick him up this afternoon, well this has made such an impression on me that I was cured
When I was about nine years old, my mother allowed me to go to a municipal bathhouse, the houses in the Verbekestraat didn't have the luxury of a shower, so to the municipal bathhouse for a quarter I could take a shower, but it looked very grey so I only went there

At one point, farmer "Farmer"B., he lived in the side street of our street, he once asked me if I wanted to fit on horse and cart, he had stretched out his horse, attached him with his ducts to the stormwater drain outside and thrown a bucket of peels, next to farmer B. had come to live with N.'s family and they had two sons, later very famous for their great carnival songs, one of the two jumped on the wagon and I told him to get off, she went to his mother, she came out and wanted to give me a beating on which I started a sprint home dad-love on the bike chased me across the Oakdonk square to the Verbekestraat , but at our front door, their mother was waiting for me, I ducked under her and stormed into the kitchen and surprised my mom asked what's going on here?
I explained it when she took me outside and asked that
woman; You want to give him a beating at the same time she pulled me forward and said to her well here you have him, give him a slap, I had spanish stuffy at that moment, on which the woman walked away and while she was standing in her own doorway she shouted "when he comes out he still gets a beating" to which I suddenly stood with my mother's glasses in my hands and my mother sprinted to that woman and took them out of her own house and gave them an unabashed beating, farmer B. came out and said Marie lets them go, to which my mother said "I will teach them".
St. Jacob School - Primary School:

The friar in first class was my cousin (Hurk side) Justino, I thought I had more space here, forget it. In the second class was a very troublesome friar nicknamed 'the Ap'ke, one night my mother went to the doctor with me, i had a headache, 'our Mom' went to school with me in the morning and then this brother promised "if he did this with me again, that she would grab him by the dress and then wipe him the floor of the class with him, so never bothered again, but would stay put?!?
In the fourth grade we had a teacher Hr. van der V., a very sympathetic man, (we had our belly full of brothers by now, one of the brothers( Matheus), could not keep his hands from my body and sexually assaulted me for a year on top of the attic of the school !?!?!

Furthermore, I graduated with school swimming lessons in the: IJzeren Vrouw





also a picture of friends and friends in the Verbekestraat, including carnival:

At one point I was wrongly penalized, Nol'ke de L. my bankmate dived under the couch and stuck the crown pen in the back of a boy sitting in front of us, he shot up or he was shot, since I shot uncontrollably in laughter I got penal work, of course I 'didn't' rat out Nol'ke. I found this so unfair that when it took the decision never to do any more penal work (in ± 1952!!).

We once went to Schiphol as students, I sit in the bottom left, later, in 1962, I flew on the same kind of plane to New York as a quartermaster for curaçao Dutch New Guinea,

I also spent about 3 years at the St. Jacobs Choir: At the end of the Primary School I was tested for the follow-up courses, according to the test I was gifted (the beginning of the tests), the name Lyceum was mentioned but this was clearly too high for our home, I wanted to go to the LTS, I wanted to learn a trade, but no at least then to the MULO.
The first days went very proudly after school with of course too many books in your book bag (was intelligently thought you were) and then went to attend the lessons, there was a friar, which was a very sickening type, (yes, another friar) who gave chemistry and biology, since one of the biggest lies had to be heard namely that 'man' is alored animal, he could think
! If you look around now you get a different thought about it, I think what man has more is also his greatest shortcoming -wit- (wars, camps, starvation, stress, environmental destruction, etc.)
At the end of the first trimester, the Dutch teacher said to us when you went through the MULO, all the doors open for you and you get the best relations, then I raised my finger and said to him that I did not understand, to which he asked why not, I said my father had to leave school from the fourth grade of school because he had to go to work to make money, he came from a "nest" of nine children and my brother-in-law, who is twelve years older than me, only LTS (I thought, turned out to be LS), all two had a new motorcycle and this teacher note of the MULO only a long
bike. Then the doors did indeed open, namely that of the MULO to let me out with a note addressed to my parents saying that they were asked to take me away from this school, so bad luck....?? (more than twenty years later during carnival I meet a man in café de Kakatoe who still recognized me from this incident, my wife witnessed it.


VGLO - Continued primary Education:

Because I missed a trimester on the LTS I was not admitted and so I went to the VGLO, here you learned to some degree of manual labor and further light study.
When we got a slideshow at one point we had to do some kind of penal work while changing the slide film. but I was drawing an Indian head when the friar saw this he asked me why I didn't do the penal work on which I told him I was no longer doing penal work (see LS), he looked at me in amazement and asked what I meant, and when I repeated it, I went straight to the 8th grade (that's where the headteacher sat). bad luck so... ??

Evening Course Mark School

- Electrical engineering Now that I went to work I had to go to school in the evening for study, this was given at the LTS, the Evening Course Drawing School, electrical engineering.
At one point, Mr. van E., who taught Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, asked the class how to calculate the surface of a window (♦), no one answered to which he said; now that you divide the window by two then you have two triangles, then you calculate the surface of a pane out, half base x height or base x half height then you multiply x 2 and so have the surface of a pane, on which I extracted the stupidity and asked the master if it was not easier to apply the calculation of; one diagonally times half of the other diagonal, on which he furiously asked me comes to prove it, to which I suggested that he only had to prove his evidence first (it is an exact box, assumptions), so I stayed put that year, for electrical engineering !! bad luck so....


During work, working at Nolte Installation Bureau BV, in converting the "outings" (emergency lighting/directions) when checking the work of the indoor lighting "to" 380 Volts linger "the mechanic has deducted me from the tension-feeding parts, during the stuck it did unimaginably mean pain!

I once went on a cycling holiday with Jan V., Sjef S. and Theo van den B. first to Vaals, when we went up the Vaalser hill the other boys had to support me, I had no breath/condition enough, I was quite embarrassed, 50 years later I found out that I had no condition because of my too high blood pressure, t.w. my pressure was 116, and that must be 80 there at the Campsite we had quite fun at one point went to Get Sjef and Theo fries in the village, but Theo was quite a "womanizer" and on the way a girl asked if she could ride with them back on the bike, jump on the back' but forgot that on the pack carrier was the bump with fries !! Away fries.

On one given night it had rained quite a bit and Jan had been given a sleeping bag by his mother, made from a military blanket (from the war a lot of that stuff was left) the green blanket she had dyed red, had rolled out from the tent (also a war heirloom Shelter) and saw as red as a beetroot but then everything, underwear and skin, laughing, later we cycled to Weert where we were at a Campsite along the Zuid-Willemsvaart, in the morning-early Jan wakes us up with the 'cry there sails a ship on road' so, Employers up to my Military time: Elektra Installation Company: Stikkers on the Willgenplein in 's-Hertogenbosch, but after being sent to the store once by him to pick up things and listened to "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik" with his wife via the membership radio and he was waiting all this time for the stuff he came (the
Lord Stikkers) after storming in and firing me on the stand. bad luck so....??
from M. Installation Company, Nieuwstraat te 's-Hertogenbosch, I didn't like it so immediately, I knew how to work, I had to check a big box full of fittings, this I found below my dignity ?!?!?, then I had to repair a toaster once after changing the glow plate I turned taste through my sandwich, with toppings on it, this gave a great smoke development and smell fired
Nolte Installation Company from Eindhoven (has since been acquired
by Stork) and thus defunct with work to: 's-Hertogenbosch on Oost installing houses built by van Vliet and van Dulst, Philips factory in Oss.

the Gruyter Food factory in the Orthenstraat in 's-Hertogenbosch,

(has since been completely demolished)




first of all at the printing house I had it in hand pretty quickly and could only start up a 4 color print offset but a chef from that department didn't like it because I didn't have any graphic training but the other chef did, bad luck so.... (From this chief I saw his son's face on fire during an industrial accident which was a terrible sight, with myself only my everywhere was on fire, I later looked this boy up in the hospital and his face was terribly mutilated. (one ear was completely gone and his chin was a whole with his neck). Later in 2013 I saw this young/man in Mariaoord-Sprokkelbos in Rosmalen, Sprokkelbos is a department of people with nah (non-congenital brain injury) he was really "off the path" he told me that he had been on fire because of alcohol and that his wife sent him to the doctor, I said to him, I saw you on fire when was +/- 14/15 years young.)

I was once home sick for two weeks and when I got back to work I had to come to "the manager, a kind of Jesus then, he claimed that a moped had been stolen from an employee and he suspected me of it, when I told my mother she got very angry and went to the factory the next day, she walked straight to the manager's office!! she went into "the sanctuary" and asked against him, my son has against that man my son has been sick in bed all this time, and dare to accuse him? If this is another dare to do, I'll get you over your desk, UNDERSTOOD??!! After the disagreement between these two chefs I was transferred to the paper press but there I was bored by the kind of work, I slammed my boss into a wicker basket where he took out paper and pushed

him (this basket was on wheels) towards a door where at that moment a chef came out and I was immediately banished to the bag-knocking row, to be brief after a few other sections 'went through'.

Bekkers Forge on the Zuid-Willemsvaart in 's-Hertogenbosch,(completely demolished) worked there for about 3 months.

Michelin Tyre Factory on the old Vlijmenseweg in 's-Hertogenbosch,

(it has been completely demolished) applied through our Ria, she worked as a domestic help with a manager at the Michelin, as an auxiliary mechanic, they put me in a department to volcanoulate rubber strips to each other, these strips were about 4 cm wide and were wedged between a textile roll, after asking a few times when I could (finally) go to the technical service they always told me that they could see this way if I was patient ?!?, so I was just used and fooled.
We still had to work Saturday morning on a certain Saturday morning I cleaned up my tools, about 5 minutes before the end of working time (noon), the chef who had placed his office above against the ceiling
! so he could see over the "mob if she was working hard" after me and said, "We work here until noon, and I said to him, yes, I know, but I'm cleaning up my tools, he said no to work and pointed to the my work table where I went back and worked, when at noon the siren went for the end of my work time I walked away from my work table where the chief came to me and said you have to clean up your stuff and tell him it's now my time , after twelve o'clock and then I decide what I do, and advised him to go back to his birdcage (office) and write my discharge certificate. My mother only hated it because I applied through the intervention of our Ria and she was still working there.
Nolte Eindhoven, first the renovation of the Casino on the Parade in 's-Hertogenbosch,

from this mechanic learned a lot

including in particular: If I do this happens, but why does that happen, if I do this ?

furthermore, he had a lot of patience with me, Prease the Lord of the Director of the Casino de Hr.M. gave me a huge tip i.w.
Dfl. 50.00 this was more like my weekly wage then, he further said to me if I ever wanted to take on my other work he would like to take my because a boy with such a work ethic, I sometimes worked more than 18 hours a day, from there to the installation of Garage Mol on the Pettelaarseweg which was later taken over by Lathouwers, from to new houses near the Oosterplas. Again van M., at one point in the Stedelijk Gymnasium the light bulbs in the gymnasium were replacing the gym with fluorescent beams, then a new kind of lighting
was the mechanic and I, standing on a wooden courtyard, it was in 1959, I was running a shaggie and then I asked the mechanic: also a shaggie turning?

He said no, I quit, I: then I can, the mechanic; Let's see you with your big mouth, I made my cigarette out, came home put my bump shag in the drawer of the dresser and said to my mother: I stopped smoking and didn't smoke until I was 34, then I worked at Gebr. Hendriks Construction Company and I had been shot through to the Staff and that was quite violent and then I thought that smoking would relax, so not, I stopped again after a few months, I was in 1985 at handbow club St. Joris in Vught then I "became a cosiness smoker, but my wife didn't like it, so my wife's look and the cigarette was deadly" I only stopped smoking for good and i haven't smoked since!!.
When I was 15 years old I was allowed to buy a moped, with our Jos, the ' expert' we went with our father's motorcycle, a MAICO, to Tilburg, where they sold mopeds on the street, we found a moped, brand Boy,

He was standing on a stand that loosened his rear wheel, gave a lot of gas and the rear wheel went around quickly, when we bought it and paid the salesmen went away, we also put the rear wheel on the ground and tried to drive away, what didn't

work out, what turned out to be the piston springs turned out to be worn out and the vendors so invisible, good advice was expensive, so we solved the problem of going back to 's-Hertogenbosch by us jos driving back with the MAICO and I held him to his belt, at one point we were in and Vught we saw a policeman, I let go of terror, I tumbled over ground, bad luck so... And when I looked up, that cop was standing over me and I was startled again and he said, young what scared me, you're fine, I didn't say thankfully, but since we went to Tilburg at

maico I had a leather jacket on and a helmet on, the agent said it's a good thing you had that helmet on, but I can give you the following verbals: Your brother rides the motorcycle on the bike path, You let yourself be dragged by a motorcycle , you have no light for You have no light behind You have no bell, but because I am so startled you only get a verbal that you have no bell, so he wrote a verbal , then asked us Jos, officer do you know where we can go on, where there is no police control, it is still so far home (?????!!), I thought there come the other four verbals, the officer looked at us Jos and said, if you drive and stuff and stuff, there is no police, but look out please.b., us Jos got that moped 'talking' an



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At the express request of my wife and son, no photos and dates of them have been placed in my autobiography.