worked at Gebr. Hendriks
​​​​​​Construction Company NV - Oss



Through the intervention of Jos W. I got
the chance to apply for a job at Gebr. Hendriks Construction Companies
N.V. where I

was hired

as: Head of Material Management- Chief
Technical Service & Forge, and Transport Management,
and then within a year I was transferred to the Staff and as a Member of staff I was put in charge of Gebr. Hendriks NV. Transport and Rental Company BV

In the beginning I had to imagine as a 'work planner overall organization' such a beautiful title I never got again, the reason was that the mechanic present at the time had created himself as indispensable and there was a fear that no one else was so good, but yes 'in the land of the blind one-eyed is king' so, I got an office space appointed by Ben B., the head of administration, who had hired me with Mr. K., Technical Deputy Director, and he asked me if I wanted to rebuild the equipment service, there was once a start made but that official got stuck in it, Ben B. said to me if you need anything just ask and you get it, later said go get it yourself at the Rijks an office store supplies in Oss


the right photo see a "strips-plan board" built up on it you could see which pieces of equipment for which period were used on which project, also the head of the company office used it, without my knowledge, to scale new projects.

then I went to visit the construction projects to record the number of equipment, on a project in Cuijk I came into the shack and the superintendent was a person who already knew about the construction of the Meanderflat of e., he looked at me in a surprised way and said, hey Ger what are you here to do, I (re)didn't know Mr. Henk H., I hadn't met him in person, and gave the supervisor a silly remark back, he realized that I probably didn't know Henk H. and said, you know this is Mr. Hendriks, then, nice to see you again, blah, blah, I went back and later I went back to ask that supervisor what had been said about
me , that was difficult, so I went to ask the question via a detour, he had said that he knew me from the aforementioned project and that I was a mechanic who only had to look at a crane to be fault-free, then I found out later how is something purely positive counterproductive, namely Henk H. thought that as a mechanic I 'raised more money' as an organizer/purchaser/supervisor (??!?).
(The data was reinforced later at Gebr. Hendriks, when a crane on a project in Oosterhout was broken and one could not find the solution, I

went to Oosterhoud "tore" and within 10 minutes the fault solved) I came on a construction project in Oss and saw on a Besto construction crane on the construction crane a loose electric motor (36Kw) standing I went there and turned with the axle and when I did not feel anything special smoke on the rear of the electric motor and nothing suspicious then I went to the performer's shack and asked the performer, Hans H., a son of Henk H., why that electric motor was standing there, he said who according to the mechanics of the Besto piece, I said that it was not broken, they asked me , how do you know, I said (stupid) I smelled that, so I got the nickname 'the 'snooped' then I said to my direct 'chef' Jo V. a member of the Chief Executive, which consisted of Henk H., Lambert H. and Jo V., if there was an invoice about that electric motor he had not to pay, later he came up with that invoice and here you have it, just start, then I called the Besto and said I wanted a credit invoice on this because the electric motor in question, after testing by the manufacturer of this electric motor was still perfect, even better than some new seen alignment etc., so if I didn't get a credit invoice I insisted that our own electric motor be reinstalled and that their then from Gebr. Hendriks would receive a counter-invoice from construction stoppage, etc. so we got a credit invoice, Jo V. came very proudly with this counter-invoice and a

whole pack of invoices with the order to check them all and take action if necessary to the Besto, I got it for about Dfl. 63,500, =extracted and credited, and that's how it started" so I got the purchase of the equipment, when I bought a Romney pilot I got it already 10% cheaper, then everyone was informed that the purchase of equipment would only be done by me, letters were also sent by the Chief Executive to suppliers with the same scope. Furthermore, it was not only the purchase of equipment from construction equipment but also for the carpentry and concrete factory. Furthermore, at one point they were "on the market" for the purchase for a new crane, now I had several times harrie B. a representative of

Munsters visited, of course, following, among other things, that crediting of those aforementioned invoices, and during the negotiation I got almost Dfl. 100,000,= of the price of +/- 370,000,= off !??!!, when Lambert, Lambert, Jo V. were negotiating I was asked to click to confirm this, I had told Jo V. during vigorous negotiations between Harrie B. the sales manager and the manager of Munsters and me, suggested Lambert at one point the crane is bought as Ger says otherwise the sale does not go through, so happened, this crane was bought by Lambert due to the fact that Gebr. Hendriks still owed money from Munsters, Gebr. Hendriks made the concrete ballast elements for them, but I had also yielded about Dfl. 100,000,= namely the reduction in the purchase amount!! So within a year I had "yielded" Dfl. 163,500,=, with a monthly salary of Dfl. 1,740,=, so I had already recouped for the first time!!

Once there was a swivel bearing of a construction crane on the Donk is 's-Hertogenbosch I think piece, the insurance that had to reimburse it, then the expert would come, Lambert said to my Ger pass on which mans is very good, but yes "in the land of blind is one-eyed king" and he had his name also, Mr.B. the mechanics had meanwhile disassembled the crane part of the undercarriage, so on the undercarriage, with caterpillars, sat the underbed of the ball bearing, with a diameter of about 2 meters, the "expert" climbed on the undercarriage wet his index finger and went with it sliding through the underbed, I was almost open with my mouth open in amazement of his inifold, he jumped from the undercarriage and
said , for me that swivel butcher is still good, I was even more surprised, I said to him: you are an expert eh, he yes and looked at me surprised and I said, if I had to check this, I would first have a cross of corner iron mounted between the
bullet bed, having a microaftaster mounted on it, which then had it calibrated and then I went to check if there was an abnormality to be measure, but you do so, literally and figuratively with a "wet finger", now I have no problem with you finding that this slew wreath is still good, but then I first get a statement from you stating: if it turns out that the swivel bearing is not good anyway, that we will then charge this , the new make dissolved, but especially also the consequential damage, he quiet, white, thoughtful he said, I have no problem with you making a new bet, I said, ok then, thank you I signed for agreement.
Mr. B. did tell me that all the Munster construction cranes had cracks, so I went to check, and sure enough it was right, I called Munsters and told them to check all our cranes and if torn to fix it, a while later a machinist from 's-Hertogenbosch called that they were tearing again, I went there to check and yes, it was time again, they were torn again, while I was on the caterpillar of the crane thinking what to do, I saw a hundred meters away driving a construction crane with a steel construction box in its hook !?!?!, I went first by house because I still had seals there for sealing, after having tested the construction cranes and tuned it to the actual lifting
capacity , then I went to the office, I called Piet R., our chief mechanic and said that he had to adjust all cranes

to the right lifting capacity, and for each construction crane a private work slip, he did that, when I came to the building the next day called Ad of the L., the manager, me and asked me, what did you do with those construction cranes, I said Ad I had them adjusted to the correct lifting value, Ad against me then I can't do anything with them, take them away then, I said, o.k. Monday goes the first way, which one do you want to have first road, A: anyway,

later I got up to talk to Jo V, lambert comes in and goes and asked me , Ger what have you done with the construction cranes in the Bosch? I explained everything

to Lambert, andthen I said to Lambert if you order me to bring it back to the way it was, I refuse assignment now, and if you arrange it yourself and have it done, I want that removed from my employment contract: that I am responsible for the safe functioning of the equipment in the company,

Lambert said, the fine so, you have to get used to it, I suggested Lambert, the crane is never high, can never hoist enough and the boom is always too short.
Later, Piet R. came up to me and ger said you know you have two different formwork boxes, the
boxes? I no, well Piet says one box weighs a ton less than the other, I link and call the manufacturer, I asked for Gerrit van de H. the founder/owner of the company and say to him Gerrit you have defrauded us, and if I am not served of something it is of scam, he 'dumbfounded' what is there then? I explained it to him, he apologized and stated that of course there would be a credit note, when we went to drink it in the Bossche Handelscentrum, 'the Pumpke' I did not know that it was called the Bossche trading centre.

I was given permission by Wim Hendriks, director of the uden branch, to have fixed polyester building cabinets and distribution cabinets, now that purchased and placed and connected to the grid, then Wim called and said to me, Ger I have given you permission for those last construction fittings, but an inspector of the PNEM, Provincial power supplier, has rejected them, what well?, I said I'll take care of this, I called the representative of the supplier and the inspector in question, then the representative came with the manager of the factory, Wim and the inspector with in his wake a director of the PNEM, I asked the inspector, can I know why they are rejected?

states that light: there is an earth fault switch on the connection cabinet and if it fails the whole construction project is voltage-free, I assume that the performer puts a stick under the reset button so that he can not switch off measuring??????
in an earth leak switch is a


on which both the phase and the zero wire have a winding. These two wrappers are wrapped in the same direction. When the currents through the phase wire and through the zero wire are the same, and of course in counter-phase, the core will not be magnetized and the contact rinse will not trip. If somewhere in the group a leak flow runs to earth, the two flows become uneven because the zero conductor has a leakage current to earth; the resulting magnetization of the coil core pulls away a pallet, so that the switch is lost by resilience. After use, the switch must be closed again by hand; this is only possible if the leak current is no longer present at that time. (The designation "before" or "behind" a switch is determined by the energy direction. source: Wikipedia).
so: the earth fault switch is electromagnetically switched off and it is therefore impossible to counteract this in a mechanical way.......

The manager of the factory just about jumped out of his skin, so I had to calm it down, I thought so much ignorance, and that by an inspector, I had not yet seen, I looked at the director of the PNEM with a questioning look, and he looked at me with his shoulders shrugging??, then said the light then you use the direct earth that lies right near the main connecting cabinet, I said I don't need an earth fault switch anymore, he suggested call me tomorrow but then I have the revision drawings where exactly the earth wire is located, I called the next day, the light went strong that hiccups did not have the revision drawing, those installation desks are always so sloppy, but the director had told him that that construction connection and used cabinets were nevertheless
approved , Pfffffffffff, (what a turn-off for

that inspector) ---------------------- At a work in Boxmeer, a man had fallen off the construction formwork, and was fatally killed, so the Boxmeerse recherche, someone from the labour inspectorate, the

manager, Wim H. and myself were in the control of that building and then the man from the labour inspectorate asked me:Mr. van den Hurk, after checking it turns out that it is certainly not due to you, you take good care of this company for safety, my/our compliments and I could go.
On construction project the Reit in 's-Hertogenbosch, once by the storm was a formwork wall, this was a box, it was used between two walls, in the kim, and when the concrete was hard was when lifting out this "box" narrowed itself 1.5cm otherwise it could not get between the two concrete walls, there were two minor injuries, who were allowed to return home after being treated in hospital, so from the insurance again "the expert" and a representative of the formwork factory, HILLSTAAL from Vught, added, the expert as we make the underside hot, 11m, and bending back he is good again, I said to him, listen, I think he should be opened and then made straight as you suggest and then close
again , the first estimate would be

approximately Dfl. 3,500,= but if you want it to be done in your way, I would like a statement from you, if it turns out that it is not working properly on your proposal, then I will get from you these costs, the new costs
to be incurred and the consequential damage, see above at the construction crane, with the word "consequential damage" they get a convulse, ok he said then we do it your way, then the estimated cost was lifted to about Dfl. 10,000,= I signed for agreement, and the expert left, that representative said to me Ger how come you come to have it repaired like this, I said, what are you stupid say, this is the first coffin/by which has been built and used here in the Netherlands , we don't know what the wear percentage of the wedges that do "rejuvenate" box but because you didn't get it, you can only charge the actual cost. Later, the sales manager said to me Ger from that joke, what if we go out to dinner at your (Hendriks) expense? I said I'll ask my boss, J. V., we'll go with 5 people, the sales manager, the salesman, the factory manager, the designer and you, I said to J. V. I'm in trouble, J. V. what then? and I told him this, says Jo V. ok. later said the sales manager when we talked about our transport, if we take the women with us now, I Pfffffffffff, I do not know I will ask, I go again to Jo V., same, same thing, I am concerned and do not know how to say it, JV : whether the women can also go with it, yes, here you have Dfl. 1.000,= and have fun, now that that had been quite a pleasant evening.
A while before that, I had been eating with the director and salesman of the then formwork supplier, in The New East, a Chinese restaurant on the Rompert in 's-Hertogenbosch, when we were done eating and he, that was paid for by the director, when he had settled he later showed me an account of another restaurant, which was a hundred guilders higher, I asked with one more person, no he said, at that restaurant was above a whore cupboard, and that was later staged as consumption on the bill, I said, laughing, that was then a separate "deduction" we laugh, here he made his first error of judgment, then he brought me back to the head office in Oss, along the way he told ferocious stories that he had been in Thailand and how he was spoiled there by the whores
there , I leave "the specifications" away, so there is a lot of laughter, and his already initiated error of judgement was only further confirmed, when we were back in Head Office, he asked my, Ger which building fair are you going to, to Hanover in Germany or to Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget? I said I don't know yet, he suggested, to go with him to the Hannover Messe, he suggested we go three days, there he came with his error of judgement, I three days, what should we do with three days, he, Ger I pay everything, we go to a hotel, we refurbish our own and then we go to the Reeperbahn in Hanover, I pay everything, I said, I don't know yet, I'll let you know.
my wife and I once visited a representative's house, his wife was called Mary, so no Marie, the ground where his wife ran was sacred, I will do this, I will do this constantly to his Mary, my wife and myself sometimes looked at each other from blà blà, later I went with him to a construction equipment fair at Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, we went by car, we arrived in Paris, then we didn't have TomTom, he stopped at a taxi, went to the driver who turned off his light, and at John's request went to the hotel which had been discussed by the Tower Crane manufacturer, when we were inside we made the appointment that we would be at the reception again at 18:00
, we were there John asked me: go to the whores, I'm stupidly surprised, what are you saying, a rhetorical question, I said listen John, there are three reasons why I can't answer to it, First, myself, if I want to have sex with another woman, it has to happen because I want to, without a wallet, secondly, I can, I don't think, i don't think I can justify it to my wife Mary, and thirdly, I think you can justify it to your company. But I'm not in, but if you need it, I'll get a beer there and see you again later, so he won't either.
With the salesman I went out in our city one day, at one point sat in the bar 'de Postiljon' on the corner of postelstraat, shit 'a whore closet, I sat on the corner of the bar there is a hooker sitting next to me, she asked, do I get something from you to
drink? I said, "No, you're not going to drink anything from me, she's visibly scared, and asked why not, me with the counterquestion, why?" Said that representative, take something from me, I was thinking about that representative, now you're screwing yourself twice. When the so-called oil crises came in 1973, companies with more than 500 employees were allowed to distribute the gas vouchers themselves, which were awarded by providing data from the fleet of its own own, so I was instructed to set this up, during my research on this I found out, as later in Nigeria, that quite a bit of petrol is being stolen by the staff,

during a staff meeting Wim Hendriks, director of the Uden branch, said about the running of the passenger vans and that the employees had to stand in fixed places to shorten the ride, that that was not easy, Lambert said the wonderful words: "Convenience costs money",

At one point Jo V. came from Uden and said Ger you've already caught up with me, you're King Feisal, and I'm just an oil sheikh, one time I took the train to Gravenhage to pick up the gas coupons, I didn't go by car, of course we had an oil crises, got out of hollandspoor station and asked a taxi driver to bring me to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he shot in his laughter and said come on, I sat down in his car and got a little angry, with my experience when we lived in Delft and Leiden the hautain behavior of those people to the Southerners, but he crossed the streets with his taxi and was there ,
then I understood his reason for laughing, when I wanted to pay he said never mind, I had to go there myself.

a 'large' piece of equipment was purchased by me, e.g.

A construction crane was set up by me for a rental price, I had a booklet specially drawn up for this purpose and i rented as such to the operating companies, i also made framework contracts for small
tools such as drills, circular sawing machines, shooting hammers, etc. these were written off directly on the construction sites, our own TD had the maintenance on this, my 'staff' consisted of:

1 assistant, 4 mechanics in the TD, 3 metalworkers in the forge, 1
truck mechanic, 1 person for the yard, 1 person for the central warehouse and 2 people, temporarily, for administration.

The material occupancy I had to manage consisted of average, it fluctuated of course,

10 Passenger cars and 29 vans 11 construction cranes with great diversity, e.g.
progress drive by wheels, tracks and on rails, 36 construction lifts,
36 grout mills,
+/- 130 pieces of electric hand tools,
1 DAF truck
1 Massey-Ferguson MF combitractor,

+/- 60 added to management- executors- and purchase chain, the chain I later converted to
container chain,
Concrete factory: 1 volautomaticcentrale concrete, 6 tilt tables, with attached heavy vibration motors, these were to deposit prefabricated walls to be able to transport them upright later, so these tables could be hydraulically 'tilted' i.e. upright Carpentry factory: 4 assige all-rounder, Broadband barn madnie Etc. Furthermore, I have purchased for about Dfl. 4,000,000,= equipment, in the broadest sense.
- Construction projects 1977/1979

Rayon Oss:

20 Homes
Brabantstraat 80 Homes
Vierhoek 188 Homes Heihoek 113 Homes
Hoefeind 127 Homes Klein-Ussen 35 Dwellings
46 Homes Oak Orchard
114 Homes Beuningen
Gym School Ussen
Rayon 's-Hertogenbosch:

690 Homes de Donk
520 Dwellings de Reit
47 Homes Vlijmen
21 Homes Busschieterstraat

108 Homes Renovation 96 Dwellings Maaspoort
296 Homes S.S.W.
353 Homes S.W.H.

22 Dwellings Heusden
42 Dwellings Maaspoort 50 Dwellings Maaspoort 20 Homes RijkswegRayon Uden: 48 Flats Boxmeer 145 Dwellings Cuyk School Uden 18 Dwellings Uden 110 Dwellings Uden 10 Old people's Homes Office Boxmeer 112 Multifamily homes --------------------------------- 3,430 Units

see copy of the staff meeting report on 23 March 1978.........

With my little TD and assistant I had the responsibility to make all these projects run smoothly in terms of equipment, which went very well for me, see above the material list.

I became friends with Gonny T., the executive secretary, a beautiful blonde girl, the cause of how we became friends came, when I went to get dinner in Oss in the afternoon she asked me if I wanted to bring her/them fries, I said I didn't, but she could ride with her if she wanted to, and that's how it came, we went to eat almost every afternoon at 'het Gengske' in the Osse town, we stayed good and honest friends also with her friend Leo, until they got married and went to live in Beek and Donk, that's where Leo came from.

sans préjudice


At one point, with an open application, a person had 'signed up' as an executive assistant when he, H.M., was informed that everything t.b.v. of the management had to go through him, now that started, subcutaneously, the problems, all mail had to be sent to him first so he could check it (?!?), I was totally against it, Gonny who had to open the post for him, but she gave the post addressed to me just first to me, hemia, Gonny got on her fail and I said to J. V. there is still such a thing as post secret and any 'wrong' post he thinks he can receive anyway , but yes as the worthy is trusted

he is the saying, further he knew in reports that he drafted and had absolutely no content, but damn suggestively negative were towards me slowly undermining me, One time he said to me, I can't get a handle on you, to which I asked him, have you ever supervised a material service, he had to think, and he who speaks the truth never has to think, so I did not say, at another time he suggested that I let the mechanics go far too much alone to the disturbances, I said, I have always gone to the disturbances alone and solved them, he said, , I couldn't have done it myself, I said, so you owe your job only to your education and not to your skill?
If I made a report about something I had to show it to him first, then according to him a few words had to be changed and he said give it to me then change it then I change it, in the beginning I did not realize that he also changed the name of Ger van den Hurk to H. Major., we, J. W. and I once prepared a report for the purchase of a cat-building crane on rails, see report of purchase crane...,so when I handed this over to him he said I'll look and then you'll hear, later he came to me and said, I'm not right, just stop it, later a draughtsman came up to me and asked a technical question about that

crane I asked him why do you need to know this? he said I have to???!!!! make up for H.M. he did this several times, Lambert H. he and I were talking once and during the conversation he changed his mind without difficulty to talk to lambert H. mouth......

He once made a report on the equipment service
and suggested that the maintenance and repair of the VW vans be outsourced to Riemersma, to dismiss the VW dealer and the electrician and to detain the car mechanics,
see: not inhibited by any knowledge....

this proposal came from a self-excited engineer of business administration/engineering, so as mentioned earlier regarding the management of a material service is not inhibited by any knowledge, but because of the madness of him and the leadership's belief in him (???) I obviously went to confess to myself whether I was

doing well, Cees M,

of the Intervam said to me,Ger, those are those tornadoes, they're not permanent, but they leave a trail of destruction,

but unfortunately it turned out that I was part of that destruction, he told me very proudly that by reorganization the central equipment service was going to be shut down and I would therefore be fired , I was shocked, of course, but underneath I had already seen something coming, he said go home you can process it, I came

home and my wife was
of course very shocked, but she said you go back you do not let you know, Lambert was furious that he had spoken for his turn, but another big problem was that I had started to set up my own house on the Beacon, during the official dismissal of henk and Lambert Hendriks with J. V. and H.M. Henrys, I said I thought we weren't talking about that now, and the third time he brought it up, Lambert said if you bring it up again you'll see what I do with you, i'll get the VW Passate with me, and i got the VW Passate with it, and I got through the company's cooperation, I estimate Dfl. 35,000.00 cost savings on building the house, while I was no longer working so, later, he had some childish comments and so on.
This light (H.M.) immediately took over the purchase, he could obsess himself, then the sales manager of construction formwork told me that he had "tops" (this formwork was to deposit on the triangular tops of a house), by buying him for Dfl. 10,000,= and I had bought these for Dfl. 7,000,= so the misery for Construction Company Gebr.
Hendriks had already started, I dare not think as far as the purchase alone has "cost" them, but yes.......
J. W. told me years later that Lambert H. had called him asking him what to do with the following, a government agency that determines social housing in their province, from Gelderland that when they met H.M. one more time on a construction project in Beuningen they cooperated with construction company Gebr.
H. would stop/block, so Jos. W. put it: Lambert is so hard it doesn't just give him resignation, later I came to J. V. and who told me that they had fired H.M. This doesn't surprise me, what does surprise me is that it took so long for such a board that they know what kind of person he actually is, something that I've been through for a few months, I couldn't say that I already knew about J. W.

In my opinion, it's a good thing that this happened, with (H.M.) his wisdom the company was totally "hollowed out and blown up" from the inside. ,
as an example:

they had their own concrete factory in which they made the prefabricated walls, the concrete installation had just been renovated, there were also only 4 hydraulic tilt moulds of 4 x 6 meters with attached vibrating motors mounted on it bought and a gantry crane bought with new crane track, he said they could buy these prefabricated walls from third parties cheaper???? that he obviously did not take the depreciation of the equipment mentioned above, and the same was true for the carpentry plant was fortunately for construction company Gebr. Hendriks NV that he was pleading.
S.E. & O.


Nevertheless, I am Gebr. Hendriks Bouwbedrijf, and in particular Lambert Hendriks, grateful that I have been given the opportunity to develop myself further up to academic level through the freedom in action they have given me.