When I had that job at the Nedam in Delft we got a salon car from them on loan, in which we lived in Leiden, Best and (́s-Hertogenbosch on the Kruiskamp)..........
Through the mediation of Piet van Nuland I was able to apply for a construction company NEDAM N.V. in 's-Gravenhage as a construction mechanic, here I was hired for a building in Delft the Marlothospital on the Marlotlaan, when I had that job at the Nedam in Delft we got from them a salon car to borrow,

In this we then lived in Leiden, Best and (́s-Hertogenbosch on the Kruiskamp) here I worked nicely with Jo de H., the father
of a world cycling champion, as a performer, when he uttered a rule with 5 words there were three curses, at one point I said to him, Jan as long as you can't say two curses at once, don't impress me anyway, he said if you say three, it doesn't impress you, my workshop was against the carpentry shed and at one point heard and saw in circular saw blade come through the wooden wall between the carpentry shed and my workshop, then a saw blade of a handsaw came through, I gave with my hammer a hoist against that saw blade and it was right at right angles to , later I heard from Jan de H.dat the owner of that handsaw would "carpentry" me, a certain French D., that handsaw was more expensive than him weekly wage, I went to that French and explained to him that when something was stolen from my workshop afterwards, because there was a hole in the wall, he couldn't do anything about it but it cost my money, he agreed and said he hadn't thought about it, he had put the saw back in order (?), and we were invited to his house to visit his wife for a night, I had to come to the deputy director and he asked me to check that the crane operators were keeping their tap properly. , I said I didn't want to do that to betray my kind of (regular workman), a train driver heard half this story and would teach me how to do it, when I heard this I went to him and told him how it had actually gone, he apologized and invited us to join him in The Hague with his wife for a cup of tea. At one point I was called by a ser, Gerrity, Gerrity bowl once, the piles (32 meters long) were inertold
by a paint sprayer, dressed in a special suit, with helmet and viewing glass, with a high-pressure syringe (a liquid bitumen), he squeezed the hose, where the inertol went through, then nothing came out of the painter's syringe, turned the syringe around and then the squirt released the hose again, the painter squirted his entire viewing glass full, LAUGHING (LOL), on that edifice I closed for the first ground cable, a GPLK-Ground Paper Lead Cable on, for extending the cable I used a cast iron, during the heating of the filling mass, to liquefy it, which I put in the cast iron mof

, if insulator was to serve, I messed some of this hot filling mass on the mouse of my left hand, I stood in the pit where
the cast iron mof lay, it served as a clutch to make two cables together to extend, and next to the pit was fortunately wet grass and I pressed my hand impulsively in the wet grass, thereby cooling the filling mass and solidifying it, then going to the hospital in Delft to remove the solidified filling mass of the mouse from my hand, I had to put my hand in a liquid-filled bowl for a while and then she took a layer off it, and just as long as the filling mass had disappeared.
this is an on and I worked with cast iron connection cabinets, formerly at Electrical Installation Office of M., was connected by a mechanic also such a cable, that went with such an egards that I imagined that it a lot, but nothing could be further from the truth, later the chief performer, H., who also came to live in a shack, he had a son, and when he came back from military service for a weekend he came first to us and then to his own parents, did not come across well, plus on one occasion I saw on a Saturday that he threw gasoline from the store into his own car, at a time there had been a large concrete dump of a floor, and I was
obliged , from the superintendent, to stay on the construction site, if something happened I could intervene immediately, then I noticed that the luges got ten guilders deposit premium and I got nothing, when I asked H. why I didn't
get a deposit premium he said the other people had to work hard for that, I said I was a mechanic and therefore it didn't have to do that, he said, I look, the next deposit happened again the same thing, so I didn't get a premium again, but I had since said to the main equipment that I wanted to leave and I would be stationed at a work in Vianen, when I went to H. and asked why I had not had a premium again, he said , the other must work hard, I said to him you don't get it, if I work the rest stands still, but you can not get it, then I stated that I did not work overtime anymore, at some point had another dump and I said to Jan de H., H. was not there, an hour before the regular working time had ended and that he could still have a mechanic come to the yard in 's-Gravenhage, then my wife and I went to the fair in Delft, my wife said, this was the most expensive funfair ever, the next morning I had to come to H, and I was fired on my feet, because of a refusal to work, I went to the Employment Office and who suggested that he could do this for that reason and advised me to go to the police , but I had had it in the meantime and far too young to oversee the whole thing. Then we picked up a van from my in-laws to go to 's-Hertogenbosch with her parents in, she was counted out from our son, the crib was also taken.

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