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I noticed that my wife was no longer joining, all alone in Leiden, and I applied during my free weekend when I was on repeat as a construction mechanic at construction company van Eijkelenburg from Rosmalen (through my father-in-law I could apply), when I asked for my resignation from Mr.M. he said, this was expected, I didn't pat you much on the shoulder but you did notice it in your pay packet that I did appreciate you, at van Eijkelenburg I worked at the cross camp in 's-Hertogenbosch, and on South and Vught and Boxtel, I could apply on a Sunday with Mr. G. in Rosmalen when we drove there and saw people coming from the church we asked a man if he knew where Mr. Giteriter lived. , yes, because that's me, after a nice conversation at his house he asked if I wanted to be a mechanic or crane operator I said mechanic of course, he asked me if he could call me the next day Monday, I said that can not I am at a barracks, I will call you, so said so done, the next day I called him and he said it is good you can come work as a mechanic at the Kruiskamp in 's-Hertogenbosch, how much did you think to want to earn, I wanted about 150.00 guilders so I said 160.00 guilders, he said we are otherwise not used to pay, said you do not make a habit of it, if you made it mine but paid he suggested for the 150,00 guilders I said agree , then we moved by salon truck to the

Kruiskamp, next door a picture of the construction site and my workshop on the left, the Quintetloods, a small Romney shed, this one was 7.5 meters wide and the Romney shed is 12 meters wide, as I stood our saloon wagon at the place from which I took this picture. When I needed my wife for support during work, I turned my lights on and off, the radio inside the saloon car made a scratchy noise and she came to help me.
At one point I got an idea to drive a construction goods elevator like a passenger elevator in a flat, then I started setting up an operating system with relays and a step relay, so several times i woke up my wife at night with some solution or circuit, One time she said go down and write it down, tomorrow morning I and/or you forgot, when my design was finished I was allowed to perform Jos W., Piet van E. had to sign an order confirmation for the step relay, this one had to come from Germany, he asked for who is this, then they said this is for Ger van den Hurk, he ok then it's fine, at this construction I broke our
Kadet , I had popped on to a stone with my left handlebar triangle and was appalled by it, I tried to return it in this workshop with a Tirforttacle, furthermore I requested compensation and this was refused me, at that time I decided to use my car for van E.. Furthermore, I have had a great service there, with the exception of Jo K., the (Main) executor of the construction of this Meander flat (Slingerflat), our Jos warned my already van Ger look out for him, he knew him from Construction Company of Vliet & van Dulst, where once worked together, he is a mad guy and one with a big 'beak' if he can miss you he tries to kick you out, Once, during a storm, a wooden formwork wall was blown over, the size was 11 x 3 meters, this closing wall fell against the scaffolding wall, there was a carpenter between these two walls, but luckily there were a lot of center pens attached to it and so it braked off the wall, I was building a Peiner tower construction crane in the vicinity and saw what was happening , meanwhile, the ambulance had arrived and then the nurse asked if I was helping him take the unfortunate man out, which I obviously did, but that

Jo K. was like a headless chicken walking around the street and screaming for help (?!), when this man came loose from the wall that was on his neck, and then he suddenly got a lot of oxygen went around with his hammer, luckily I was able to bend down in time, but he was rejected for further work, I knew, he was a real minkukel, walking around like crazy honking, at one point, when some projects had been added, like the 221 houses on the Kruiskamp , the KLM flat on the south, a project in Vught and Boxtel, a person comes up to me on the Kruiskampsingel and asks me, are you Ger van den Hurk, I said yes, he said I am Jos W., Manager TD and Werf in Rosmalen, how am I your wife, I said thank you well, he asked if I had children I said yes, a son our son then he asked how it went and I confirmed that it went well, he said nicely, we still see each other and went again, this clicked right between us, i did my job to everyone's satisfaction, then another person came to me and told me that he told Mr. S. , with the nicknames: oratio and sex noses, and after a whole story I asked him so you are my chef, when he confirmed that I suggested that he could go to my workshop I had a cup of coffee, we already lived with my in-laws in the Palmboomstraat, he looked

at me bewildered and so went with me, this person had no technical knowledge at all, he was an old KNIL Officer, as far as it was true, for example, we had 350 liters of grout mills, with a self-filling bucket, at one point he suggested, because it was all so slow, to change the two gears, to swap the small one on the electric motor with the large one sitting on the bonkand wheel , who spins the mixing drum, (????!) I said, this is a great idea, then you don't have to take the grout to the bricklayer anymore, at that speed he throws it on the jetty, otherwise he didn't know the difference between a Gross and a dozen, so at one point a truck came with 144 grease squirts instead of 12, at one point, mechanics from Besto Construction Equipment were building a Simma tower crane and he asked the mechanics if it was set up the next day, these mechanics said, no we don't have enough earth yet, the next day the mechanics were at work, this was in Amersfoort, and a truck with soil (earth) came and asked the driver to the mechanics where he had to dump this ground , the mechanics thought what, and then the penny fell, they pointed him a spot, then he asked if that was enough, they said, no, after first waking up from laughing, do just a load, this was later confirmed to me by those mechanics when I worked at the Besto. They had a full hydraulic crane, a PBG, when once the Hydro transferr pill leaked in the middle of the crane I repaired it, I put that jack under the pivot and I went to check I got a

hydraulic jack against my head under the crane, who shot away, I suffered a concussion, later Mr. G. came to me, we lived in the Palmboomstraat 28 and asked if I could repair this crane in Amersfoort, the next day I was picked up and taken to Amersfoort, where I arrived I went to the workshop, Henk C. was the mechanic there, he also had an assistant (??), I had several wells alone, I asked you Henk, he said yes

, who are you, I said Ger van den Hurk, mechanic from Den Bosch, O he said he should come and teach you how to do it?, I said that I had not been asked, but I had to try to make that BPG work properly, and if it had happened I wanted to explain to him what had happened, then a performer came and asked if he wanted to go to block 12 there was a construction elevator broken, he almost looked at a list and suggested, you are number 23, and number 18 is now next, ??!!, later I repaired that crane and at a moment I had to weld a mof on the boom, but the mass cable was too short to confirm the boom , I had to put the welding cart on the cab of the crane, then just this Henk came by I asked if he could help me do that, he said he didn't have time, he was by bike, it was a construction site with a large surface area, he had to go forward, I said if you don't help me and now I make sure you never have to go forward again, I call Stefan van E. personally and make sure you are fired on a standing basis, he helped then anyway, later I came across the main performer, who asked me, who are you, I said Ger van den Hurk mechanic from Den Bosch He's you, you're the mechanic who can hear a fortnight in advance if a construction crane breaks ???
Then I wanted to sell it together with Jos W. this switching unit to the construction companies, we called the collaboration HUWA (HurkWalta) but just at that moment high-rise buildings stopped and the subcontractors started the work of metaphors and so on, actually the forerunners of the freelancers and so we could forget about
Then the company went to build the Half Hill shopping centre on the Kruiskamp, they had dug the construction site with a deep cellar for the Albert Heijn shop that was going to be built there, when they wanted to go to landfill in the morning the construction site was flooded with sand, someone who should have brought leaflets around had thrown these leaflets into the street vortex where the water from spring tender was discharged, so it was clogged and all the spring water ran back into the construction pit and took sand, then people were really panicking, I was standing looking at the street vortex and I thought about the solution, namely the same thing but vice versa, so we hired a dirty water pump went to the fire brigade to get a drain unit from the fire hydrant in the

pavement , the water in the construction pit and suckling with the dirty water
pump spotted the combination of water and sand out again, when construction continued the "louse" Jo K.dat that performer, van der M., had to get out and he became the executor of it, at one point I called Rawlplug for parts of a Kangokha breaker, while I was on the phone, Stephan van de E. came running up with a co-worker in wake, he came back and told me to stop calling, because Mr. van E. wanted to call, I told him to wait and see that I finished calling, later Mr. van E. came and asked me if that should take so long, when I explained to him that it had to take so long because I was ordering a part of him for a tool. , and of course I could break off the conversation because you are coming, but that I had to start again with all the costs and possible misunderstandings, he asked if I had no service book of it, I said no, it was there, but when I sent it from the Meanderflat to Rosmalen (yard) and sent it back to this project it was without this service book, so, he said you're right too.
We were building the KLM flat on south and Henk van R. (a son of the owner of Rosmalen Construction Company) was there intern he once told me, if you ask what are you doing, you have to say I am epibreren, this does not exist but there is not a boss asking what is that, at that same time came from the Zitteren within the performer and asked Harrie, who stood at a drawing board, what are you drawing now, Harrie winked at me and said, an epibreer machine, said of Z. make sure you do it correctly otherwise I don't approve (LOL-Laugh-On-Loud), now there was a joke uncle providing your car with an alarm by laying a bridge between the horn and door switch , one wash through the plus and the other through the minus one put a switch between them and when one wanted to leave yourself then your switch switched off and then you could leave, I had also installed this with the Project Leader Mr. V., who had a green Fiat Sports car, he told me that he had been scared of Z. wildly, after a few weeks, a week or six, I turned on the alarm with him and he no longer counted on me that I would still do now and so he was shocked. Furthermore, I raised the construction crane on the KLM flat again, and this in a heavy snow storm, my wife and my parents saw it and they had it to do with me.
At one point the construction administrator came up to me and asked if I wanted to make more money, I asked you how, by which, he said the same thing with what you're doing now, I asked in the evening, he said no, at another construction company, I said I didn't feel like it, I had a great time at van Eijkelenburg, he said but there you can be Chief Mechanic and earn a lot, you can at least talk about it, I ok, he picked me up and we drove to Sprang-Capelle, I asked we not go to the "black Huub" he said yes, I said no I do not, I had a fight with him already, he was performer on the Meander
flat , he said you're almost there now so just keep driving, when we got to Huub I said I don't really feel like arguing with you again, he said it was because of Jo K., I said o.o. then, he called the chief executive of that company and said I wanted to talk, at one point he said, yes that's that guy who can do anything (?!?), I later went to that guy, called a Toon B., who lived in Oosterhout, he was building a "closet" of a house, which later turned out to be stolen material from the construction company, National Property Credit, called, from the Meijden, I thought I'd ask for a high weekly wage then he falls back and then I did my duty , I then earned at van E. 150,00 guilders, I asked him 225,00 guilders, he said ok, then I fell back, but strangely I was
not satisfied yet, I said how do I get to Amsterdam, he pointed to my Datsun, (my loving in-laws had chatted around that we had actually got that Datsun from them, we had no rental costs because we had lived in "their" salon car, so.....)
and early on that's your car, I said yes, well he says Amsterdam's-Hertogenbosch is about 100 km, now you get 100.00 guilders for that, so I went from 150.00 to 350.00, guilder, including car fee, but still, so I said yes. Then I had to resign from E., I submitted my resignation to project leader V., when I told you why, he said, you're absolutely right, if they can miss us, we'll get fired, too, but I'll keep it quiet, the moment they can't stop you, I'll tell you in Rosmalen, when they knew, the chief of staff Peter of H., Ger asked if we would give you a higher salary and other position if you want to stay, I said, ok I'm just an auction piece, who paid the most me, a few days later he asked if another week would stay, I refused to do that, then he asked if I wanted to come to the office in Rosmalen , I went there, he asked me do you know how the M. gets his money, I said that doesn't interest me, he suggested you know he has hookers, I said I might get money from Stefan van E., after he had woken up from laughing he said with you I can't win talking anyway, then he asked if I had any comment or criticism of the company, I said yes, a construction company that claims that it is an A company and gives his maintenance mechanic a moped as a means of transport, I really think that should not be possible, later the 
later the mechanics had a Citroën 2CV order as a service car