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ABU DHABI at the same time I got in touch with a company in Abu Dhabi one from the United Emirates, this company asked me to come along for discussions on projects, Mr. Van de B. director/owner of BOSTA was at my visit and he promised to support me, because I found

that "my English" was not good enough and asked Jos van H., the export consultant of the KvK to go along with this, among other things, the B. paid the extra costs in this, extra flight/stay and digesting costs, Jos van H. did bring forward a plan, well thought out by himself, I had to draw up and sign a letter, should anything happen to me I might have been able to negotiate and decide for me, (so in fact I then transferred all the power, i had only noticed later,???), Jos and I, have flown there and when we arrived at night we found out that we had lost on the date, my wife had already warned me , we had a bottle of Whisky Johnny Walker with us, really not afraid if you go to an Islamic country, but customs looked at the bottle and lowered it back into the bag, but by the

day of the exchange our appointments had obviously

gone awry, among other things with the business man from the Netherlands there, we went to the hotel in Holiday-Inn more info, click on Video: TIS-TOTAL IRRRIGATION SYSTEMS We went swimming on roof of the hotel, mid-January 1985, while we were there a man came running up with a sun lounger and said, hi also Dutch (?!), we yes hi, he introduced himself as captain of KLM, and he asked, how long have you been here, we 4 days , when do you leave again, we, tomorrow morning at 5:00 am, O you fly with us, I no we do not fly with you, he, what, you do not fly with us?, would you not be ashamed as right-minded Dutch people to a different airline than our national, the KLM, I said no, as right-minded Dutch people we have chosen Air-Lanka, this was per person a thousand guilders cheaper, now that the "friendship" was immediately over.

then made an appointment with the "second" man of the Embassy, Wilco R., a sympathetic boy, he was originally from Delfzijl, but his wife had stayed behind in The Hague, who had just given birth to a child, we went into Abu Dhabi to eat somewhere, which Wilco spoke fairly out of height, but after several glasses of wine, just available in the restaurant, his used language became more and more "common" later he invited us to his house to come and eat, his house boy would prepare the food, chicken with rice, Jos went out to drink two different kinds of spirits, so that almost fell over, Wilco brought us back to the Holiday-Inn
in the night , when we went to the Disco and went for a drink, Wilco got up and said to me, "if I drink like that I have to be so bad" I thought that happens quite often, first croak, quaak and then they fall through the basket.
Then we were invited to dinner at an Arab Family, from Juma R. Al D., President of Golden Gulf Trading Co., an absolute honor when you are invited
home. First had an animated conversation, the room we were in was quite large, all large, with gold studded, chairs, myself I sat at the head of the table in the middle, the

father of Juma Al D. sat to my
right and the other in two rows on the sides, there was talk about matters There was a misunderstanding about the surface of greenhouse construction to be put, greenhouses, they stated that it should be 500x500 meters, so 10 hectares, then I had to explain to them, cautiously, that 500x500 meters is 25 hectares, nevertheless I received a letter in which I was authorized to negotiate on their behalf in the Netherlands, but the letter had already been drawn up regarding 10 ha greenhouses to be placed in Al-Ain. For more info, click on copy:
ASSIGNMENT LETTER BY Golden Gulf Trading The last day we went to the GGT's office and met farouk General Manager again, he was originally a Sudanese, he said he didn't have time because he had to finish something business, he asked if we were going to have fun with his girlfriend, a Polish blonde, he was going to come as soon as possible, this girlfriend asked me, you go to a strip club, I said no, thank you, we'd go to belly dance, I said again that I didn't feel like it, then she looked at Jos and me with a special look, I thought, that certainly not, we suggested to go to the Polynesian bar where Jos and I had been more

, okay then, we went there, we sat down at the entrance, then I sit with my face towards the door, so I can see the first reaction when one comes in, she offered us a drink, Jos took Spa and she and I Whisky, but she drank quite a fast pace, when I got that in holes I went to drink like a canary, so sipping. Later, Farouk came in with a broad smile, so I thought he scored with the deal, he said, sorry I have to go away with her, but I'm right back, when he came back half an hour later she had changed and she looked like a fighter jet had gone over her, she was wearing a free, center, see-through dress, she had lost +/- 15 Kg and that was to be seen, Farouk asked Jos, why do you drink water, Jos said, yesterday,(while eating/drinking at Wilco), it has become rather "late", when early Farouk, have you already eaten, we said no, come on said Farouk we are going to eat here, so to speak, we sat down in the restaurant section at a table the friend of Farouk sat next to me , asked Farouk, peppered or not peppered? Jos makes, in my opinion a blunder by saying, do but peppered, that we are used to from our colonies ???!, now he got peppered food, the girlfriend actually had too much alcohol and she started to get a little presumptuous, she said, I like business and relaxation always strictly separated, I said, if you do it in a good way side it together , she reacted rather violently and then I said to her, now from your point of view you are right (??), when she saw that it did not work with me she went with Jos further, I said to Jos, hood off, he said yes but she goes on, then Farouk had it in mind and said to her, you are here to please them and not do this , come along, he left with her and said, apologies I'll be right back, the technical manager of GGT was also there and he was very disturbed by her behavior, he as a Muslim, first of all alcohol and a woman, I had noticed, I said to him, she has lost too much weight and therefore she has no resistance anymore , Jos asked me, why do you say that to him, I said it is quite possible by her behavior that all the effort and expense for nothing, he can explain it, Then Farouk and girlfriend came back, she looked great again and we went back to our food and conversation, the girlfriend at one point took off her necklace and gave it to my, for your wife, I said no thank you, she asked again, I accepted it again and let it slide into my coat pocket, she looked at me and said I think you are a rich man, I answer, if you think you are a smart lady, Jos asked me later , show me that collier, I showed it to him and he stated that collier costs at least 1200/1300 guilders, I said I at least got something back from the cost, my wife later had it valued and the estimated amount by Jos was correct.
I went to greenhouse builders in the Netherlands and also went on an Agricultural Fair, I had taken Jos van H. to give more weight in my application, at the fair I met with the export manager of Voskamp-Vrijland, then the largest greenhouse builder in the Netherlands, he said, you don't have to teach me anything, I said but I'm here to ask you for a quote/cooperation, he said, listen, I demand first of all a feasibility study on the project, if we get the assignment back then they get these costs back, then I asked him, listen, what I do want to teach you, the Arabs could already act before the Batavieren existed., but yes before I had a serious quote/talk print, the assignment was already to another
company , probably also in another country, gone, slowly but surely I found out that it is quite difficult working with the Dutch, unfortunately, bad luck so....
but as an aside, Voskamp-Vrijland, with all their knowledge, has gone bankrupt on a project in Egypt.
When I was in Abu Dhabi, I was asked if I could take care of a lamp factory, I said, "I'm doing my best, Jos is doing my best, jos is going to ask me, can I do that, I said, I can at least try, now in the Netherlands I could try it all but at Philips, I had a, telephone, conversation with the General manager bulbfactory, he said but Mr. van den Hurk Au Dhabi is such a small country, then I asked him if he had a World Map on the wall in his office, he said yes, but I do not understand you, then I asked him to look for the Netherlands on that, perhaps under the A of Amsterdam, where you needed years for development and so

on , that just buy them off, or you make your competitor and can send him, or you let your competitor come at you like a loose projectile, he was deeply impressed with my statement and asked if I wanted to send that on the telex to him, he could use it during a meeting of the board of directors, I thought look at it but, also not wise of me, it turned out later.
The European headquarters of a then major competitor of Philips, American lamp factory Sylvania. Sat in Switzerland, and with my poor command of the English language I just dared to go there, the general manager turned out to be a Dutchman (stupid eh), then Jos van H. said to me I know a Bosschenaar who can perhaps help, who buys all surplus parties is therefore well imported into this industry, well I have known, a lot of bleating and little wool, his comment "me and my relations" I got later " nightmares" of, he said I and my relations can supply you all machines, I said, that may be but then we only have a showroom with machines, then only when a working light bulb rolls off the band can you say I deliver a light bulb factory , he my relations can do that too, I was going to organize everything regarding the trip to Abu Dhabi, Wilco R. arranged everything in Abu Dhabi, the Minister of Trade, a Member of the Royal Family, President of the light bulb factory to be built would be present, and I would be at Wilco R. being at home and sleeping, then it was not so expensive, everything was arranged, including the plane tickets, said die Bosschenaar, the price of the tickets are far too expensive, me and my relations have much cheaper tickets, I call you back, called his partner later, I did not know that he had them, back and said that it did not go through, I asked, high surprise and bloodlink, why not, the reason he did not trust it , why not, because I could ask the man of the Embassy everything and he would do everything ??, I asked him, who has the possibility, who has the luxury?, but he did not go, the only thing I could say, he knew this in advance, before we were going to arrange everything, and I had to cancel everything, so I was blacklisted in Abu Dhabi afterwards.
So Abu Dhabi over and
out! bad luck so...