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KUWAIT I received a request from a kuwaiti company regarding the supply of "dessert grass" to use it along the roads to prevent the spraying of the sand, because the sand ended up on the highways and then it became as slippery as bacon, that sand had become around because of the constant movement and therefore life-threatening, this grass had a double effect, the soil was stuck and the grass stems worked like a kind of wall, this dessert grass, was also used in Australia, i had previously received an invitation from the Commissioner of Katsina-State to "stop by", in Amsterdam lived a Nigerian/Biafraan who as a war innature here in the Netherlands, he is called Drs. ing. the following "titles" Doctorandus in the development economy and Engineer in tropical agriculture had made his own (I mean, then you really are a refugee, he also spoke Dutch, but then on his English), who I asked if he was interested in going, he had to take out a loan to pay the costs, but did feel like going along, so we organised the following trip:
Brussels>>Cairo>>Kuwait>>Cairo>>Cano>Katsina Town (Nigeria), I had to consult a Letter of Guarantee at the Kuwaiti Embassy, see LETTER or GUARANTEE KUWAIT
and so we left, first to Cairo from there to Kuwait City, there we have in a Holliday-Inn hotel ,
see pictures below:

we have spoken there several times with Mr. P. of the First Al Wazzan Group who had asked me to visit them, it was a real, in my opinion, stage, initiated by Ben, Ben took a letter from Mr. P. and
then gave it to me, then I gave Ben a letter that then gave it to the Lord P., but yes when we were back home the Iraqis invaded Kuwait, who thought Ger van den Hurk was dead, it must be nice, but yes they all came together (joke), but it was over for us.
Then we wanted to go via Cairo to Kano-Nigeria, but when at the last gate the official said to me, I thank that the plane now lands in Cairo, I looked surprised in my flight-schedule, and indeed I had forgotten, I thought but how can I then have a boarding
pass? I looked at it, and it was the next day???!!!

So the next day we went to Cairo, but now we had to wait three days for the flight to Kano, now I had a person at my office in the Beacon, a certain Drs. Maarten M..... A PhD student in the Ancient Arabic Language, who lived with his girlfriend in Cairo, I called him and said I couldn't book a decent hotel, he said you'd sleep with us anyway, he'd pick us up, Ben and I would go to the Pyramids of Giza, the next day I went on a domestic flight to Luxor and I went to the Valleys of the Kings and the Valleys of the Queens and Childeren, Ben had gone to the Museum in Cairo, a day later, the third day, we went to Cherine Scandar of SODECO who had with me and Begeman-Pumps in Helmond entered a tender about pumps for a booster pump station pumping water from the nile into the dessert , we lost this tender to a Hungarian company, our son had visited this tender opening together with an expert from Begeman-Pumps and a son of Cherine when we went in a taxi there said maarten's friend, Ger watch out with Maarten because he always argues with the taxi drivers, ok when we arrived at Cherine's apartment was already arguing before I could intervene, it was about as follows, that your house may only collapse, the other: that your house can only collapse with your in-laws (well????), and finally came the biggest insult you can snarl an Arab: you are a foot sole. So we went in, the Lord Cherine and asked us to sit down, and he sat a little higher!! he put down a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label for us and he told us that his wife, a Romance, had died of cancer at home and he all the time cared for her at home and had bought an apartment next door and made a big apartment and home office, like me in the Beacon, at one point Maarten said to me Ger I can't drink as much Whisky , then I told him, you have to drink quietly, cherine said to me Ger I can give you something that no one in Egypt has, namely Heineken beer, his in-laws in Italy was importer for Italy, he demonstratively put the bottle Johnny Walker at Maarten in front of him, who did not get Heineken? Cherine said that his son was coming back from Rome now, or we were going to pick them up together at the airport, I said ok, now that he was a driver already home, he drove his Mercedes500 to the airport, now when he had to turn a corner he also went around that corner, I thought several times: hello I'm only 48 , oen we were at the airport Maarten tried to get through a detour to the duty-free zone to buy cigarettes there, said ... to me: that he was not good eh, but yes Cherine was rich and Maarten could just pull it, then his son came and said to my, bye I knew that someone from HTB was there, but I did not know that it was you, we went to the apartment of the son, so we at the Heineken, then the son started talking about that tender opening , I said to him I didn't start talking about that now, but I triggered him with this and after the third time I told him that he hadn't done it now as we (our son) expected, it was kind of "clear" what I was saying to him, I thought it's late now, his dad got up and looked at me , and I thought, "Whoa," but he raised his thumb to me and said to his son tomorrow, you come to my office, now I hear about it, other people don't dare say this because you're my son, son, Dad, I'll bring you home, and that's how it happened.