doing business in and out of Libya

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I was allowed all office equipment, 2 PCs, thermal bookbinder, laser printer and so on, later early

he the laser printer back, then he introduced at M. AG in Düsseldorf the procurement organization of the Oil companies in Libya. There I sold several technical equipment totaling +/- 100,000,+ the best part was a UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply, this is an emergency power supply for a PC, when the power supply fails, which often happens in the African countries, I speak from experience, then the UPS takes over temporarily, it only supplies the PC with voltage, so not the monitor, it gives the PC to lock the program you then use so that nothing is lost, the UPS that I could deliver, which so met the requested requirements was from an American company, and since there was a boycott of American goods it was not possible, but I asked where it was manufactured that it was manufactured in Northern Ireland , I asked if I would get a Certificate of Origin from Northern Ireland, and this was confirmed.


At the end of April 1994 the lathe was paid and from this profit I was able to go to Libya, so applied for a Visa with the Libyan Embassy, this was arranged by Bashir, at the back of my passport was placed in Arabic, my Visa was placed, I had rented an office space from M.P. on the Avenue of Europe here in 's-Hertogenbosch, at one point it said, of course unexpectedly , a detective from the ECD, Economic Control Service, in front of me in that office, he wanted a conversation and my administration, I said, of course, you come on my visit to Libya?, he did not answer that, I said to him: if you bosses, the governments, to Yassar Arafat, Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres, three people with a lot of blood on their hands , give the Nobel Peace Prize, what should I do as an entrepreneur?! He took part of my administration and left. I could go through Tunisia, Egypt or Malta, said Jopie: Ger if you go through Malta we can

i said 'rule so done so done' on Friday the 13th at 13:13pm, we left on a half-full plane from Schiphol to Malta, arrived there to the hotel where we stayed, we went to the port in the evening before boarding the Ferry to Tripoli, in the departure hall we met an Algerian we 'talking to' got our passports checked, with them it was already possible to have your children sealed, when I asked him if he wanted another bottle of beer he said, I can't give anything back, I only have Libyan Pounds, I said I asked if you like another beer and not if I get one back , he said yes please, then Jopie went to get two bottles. Later we stepped, that Algerian in I on the Ferry, he had arranged a double cabin for us, in this cabin the shower was broken, we did perform at night and I did wake up to knock the cockroaches off my body, it wouldn't hurt, but it gives such a bad feeling, when we arrived in Tripoli and the Algerian came out of the shower it was a GENTLEMAN, he asked me my de-barkering card, it was all in Arabic and he filled it in for me, then I read in a, outdated, information booklet how to act when you enter Libya and it said I had to exchange USD 500.00 in Libyan Pounds, I reached for my wallet and noticed that it was still with Jopie in Malta I was shocked and probably became white. , this saw that Algerian and asked aam my what is there? After I explained that to him, he said, moment, he opened his suitcase and pulled out a letter, ripped the letterhead off, gave it to me and said, if necessary, I'll give you this amount, and on the letterhead is the address of my office in Malta and then give it back to it !?!?!?!
But it turned out not to be necessary, during the progress at customs on shore I have never seen anyone as humiliated as an American woman by that

Bashir's brother was waiting for me there, he took me to my hotel,

in Libya I didn't have to pay any expenses at all, everything was paid for me by the, visited several officials the next 3 days, when I was sleeping in the hotel one night Nellie, the deceased wife of us Jos 'with me' she had a sky blue Tyrolean dress on with big red flowers, and she said to me: Ger keep a close eye on Jopie it's not going well, keep a close eye on them. When I went back to Malta and stood in front of the Ferry, the Algerian was there too (?!) he called me and asked me is that the barkering card already filled out, I gave him that card and he filled it in for me, now I had another double cabin, I also thought arranged by that Algerian, now my hutmate was a Pole, who had built up a cable factory in Libya, he had on his T-shirt a drawing with a fat German, with a knicker-lederhose who had a pul beer, with a lot of foam in his hand, I asked him, did you not miss that beer much, he said, the first thing I do, if I am in Bern buy a glass of beer, I asked why not in Malta ? he said, "Yes, we can do that, I asked how was it in Libya without beer?", he said, we did, we bought a couple of crates of Bavaria Malt, all that beer we put in a big barrel, added sugar and let it ferment and voilà we had beer with alcohol, and I, and those Libyans on the Site then, he, they just drank along. It was so hot on/in the boat, the air conditioning was broken, that many passengers went to sleep on the deck outside, that Pool said to me, Ger if we don't know what it will be like in purgatory, now we know, I told him of that humiliation that that American woman and other white supremacists had to endure at libyan customs he said the same thing happens in Malta right away but the other way around, and so it happened. =========================

Later it was an application and delivery of 250 MT Butterghee (Butter oil) when we had almost everything around it turned out that the EEC subsidy had been withdrawn, but Bashir knew a factory in France that still wanted to deliver within this rule, so only the profit was clearly lower, so I finished this order from my seat, i.e. 16 containers of butter oil from France to Libya , from "my seat" in the Kloklaan 204 and through an Assignment of Proceed, because Libya forbids a Transferable Letter of Credit, now this kind of transaction, nutrition, quite complex, in fact several documents are requested, such as e.g., Certificate of Health, Veterinary Certificate (Milk), etc. I have finished everything by phone, the contact person of the factory, RU-MI Cedex France , spoke German and that of the bank, ABC Bank, (Arabian Banking Cooperation) Paris France, a Ms. Bony spoke English.

Bashir was angry that I didn't go to France to look at the shipment. For

the command Letter
of Credit, For more info ASSIGNMENT 250 MT BUTTER OIL .......

I had an application from Libya concerning Gouda and Edam cheese and milk powder, I was in negotiations with a company, Cooperative de Productores de Leche R.L. as company name Dos Pinos, from Costa Rica the total bid amount to Libya was about DM 7,000,000,= at one point Dos Pinos sent a fax in which she stated that they had made a reassing error at the exchange rate, the actual amount was quite higher, I then withdrew my offer to Libya, bad luck... I have on all my quotes the text: without engagement, S.E.&O (Salvo Errore Omissione - Barring Mistakes and Omissions) and S.E.C. (Salvo Errore Calculi – Barring Calculation Errors) and a claim filed with Dos Pinos, which had never mentioned these "escape possibilities", because of the loss of my profit, now there was a son of our former neighbor in Costa, t.w. Bas (Sebastian) Leijten, who worked as an "agent" for MSI, the claim I made was DM 450,000,= then came a message from Dos Pinos that the Hr. Ing. Carlos Edo R., member of the Board of Directors from Costa Rica came to the Netherlands and wanted a conversation about this, it must be said that Bas L. in Costa Rica kept busy , it told me that he sometimes had to 'go into hiding' when the person arrived in the Netherlands I had a conversation in Hilton Schiphol with him and the Ambassador of Costa Rica, we found a sum of USD 65,000.= quite real and the Hr. Ing. Carlos Edo R. even more, DM 450,000,= or USD 65,000.= after having a contract put together in this matter and signed by us and the Hr. Ing. Carlos Edo Robert the "problem" was solved I gave Bas L. a third of this amount, and he had clearly earned it.

bad luck and end.