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Colon cancer

I woke up several times at the end of November 2015 with considerable pain from my sleep along my head, neck to heart, so on September 15th to the GP, who said it was my heart, and that he did arrange it, the next morning I got an early call from the Cardiology department of the J.B.A. hospital if I wanted to come by in a hurry!!!! So we went to the cardiologist Dr. K. and he said "you've got something, but I can't put a finger on it, so you get the whole riedel of tests, so on September 29th I got a CT-PET scan, a PET scan is a nuclear test,

the video below is from Isala hospital

The Departments of Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology in Zwolle

and placard in the Locokrant

Then on October 2nd I got a Holter, which measures and beats your heart movements, on the first time I had to wear it for 24 hours, but now 48 hours.

on 9 October I received a breast examination, on 13 October my heart was further examined by ultrasound, and got a bike test, on October 26th A Thorax (chest) picture

was taken, the nurse asked if I liked me, you are so grey, she was afraid I would pass out, On November 4th I had to come to the cardiologist, Dr., for the results, she said: you have a great heart, I give everyone such a heart, your heart muscle is great the following PET-Scans is a recording of myself.

the above scans were made of myself by the Radiology department of the JBZ hospital in 's-Hertogenbosch and there are no thickenings in your coronary arteries, Everyone may have such a heart,
but your blood value, Hemoglobin, is way too low, it's 6.3 and it should be at least 8.5 in a man, if you ever have blood in your stool you have to go to the MLD (Gastrointestinal Liver) department, so you're going to your GP this week to arrange an appointment, so on November 12th an appointment with Dr. S., an MDL specialist, after a preliminary interview he said, I'll have a gastrointestinal examination, then one day on November 23 for the examination I had to drink three liters of tugged water in two hours , terrible, you get that amount away hard, the next morning I had to wake up at 5:00 am because two hours in advance I also drink a liter of this, this was to empty my intestines, for a good examination.

On November 24th that research was done, but luckily I got a rush for that, after the examination the doctor who had done it said, we removed several biopsies, but you have a polyp that is too big for this, 5 cm, this has to be surgically removed.

On November 30th to Dr. S. for rash, he said, your esophagus is fine, only you have a diaphragm fracture, and therefore your stomach is higher than normal, otherwise your small intestine is fine, the biopsies are reasonable, but in your colon it is wrong, in your polyp sits on the outside some troubled cells have been observed, but from my experience it is in your polyp right wrong , my wife asked, is it so wrong, he suggested to my wife:

Ma'am, your husband has colon cancer!

He said to me, I'll put you in the so-called "fast better circuit", you get a call from a cancer specialist nurse and arrange everything for you here for all departments this is Marisa G., a very sympathetic and knowledgeable woman.

On December 4, I received a CT scan on my liver etc. and later lung photos were taken to see if there would be no metastases.

the x-rays below are of my own lungs

ON December 7th at Dr. S. on rashes on the examinations, she suggested you have no metastases, Pffffffffffffff, but you're so short of breath, I said, that's a congenital abnormality, she said I should have a lung exam, the next day, December

8th, I had to get to Dr.B, a surgeon, I still don't know what the purpose of this was, then to the lung ward for examination, so within a day I was placed in between, I had to sit in a cubicle and got a mouthpiece in my mouth, it had to be placed between my lips and teeth and a nose clamp, after that I had to breathe as deeply as possible, after doing this a number of times I got a drug in through a puffer and I had to wait 20 minutes and i had to wait 20 minutes. , then again the same but sometimes a valve closed which cut off the air supply, but I had to breathe through, after doing this a number of times, I got the same problem for which I had actually gone to my GP, namely from my sleep through my head to my heart severe pain, the researcher stopped immediately and I stopped considering your history, namely 5 Tia's and 3 arrhythmias, I do not make any problems and go straight to the lung specialist Dr. S, who I suggested see him tomorrow anyway and watch him know. The 10th of December we had 4
appointments: the secretary of the anesthesiologist, this one had to put all my medications in places, since these are 12 different it took a time, then to the assistant of the anesthesiologist, who first made an ECG, heart film, then she told me that I would get an "epidural" for the pain suppression after the operation,
since my blood value had dropped to 6.1 by now, she said I would get blood during the operation, because she was shocked by the low levels, so we were shocked, i would have to empty my intestines again, so I would have to drink that amount of water again ???, then the anaesthetist came, he looked at everything and suggested, I don't approve yet, I asked why not

He said you need to go to the lung specialist first, so when I got in there he said, you've got great lungs, you're above average, but now it turns out I'm breathing out more??, now I do deep sighs now I get the "refueling"
I'll tell the anesthesiologist that you have great lungs. Then to Marisa G., after telling her about instilling blood during surgery, she said we haven't done that for a year, because it's a foreign thing and your body can start shedding it, and that's not interesting during surgery, we bring your iron through an infusion, and regarding your empty intestines, that is not so for a year, if there is still feces in
your intestines your intestines do not have to restart it and they can use everything to heal the wound, I suggested that this may be communicated to the assistant of the anaesthetist, after having talked everything up, I went to the physiotherapist, this one asked me

, what do you do about your condition?, I said, nothing at all, he was shocked by that direct answer and asked me again: what do you do about your condition? I said again, nothing at all, but I can tell you, we live on the 4th floor and I can go to the 4th floor with the stairs without resting, Then he looked at the screen and saw, probably, from the lung specialist that I have "great lungs," he said, but then you're in the hospital with old on new, I suggested, I've been through it 73 times, so that one time I can do without it, he didn't get it right away, but then he saw my age, 73, and then he had him.
December 16, I had to go to the J.B.A. for a day's treatment, when the nurse started the drip, she said it could be half-squeaked, and when she heard my history she set it off at 2 o'clock, on December 23, another two-hour it was
On December 28, he had an introductory conversation with Dr. L., the actual surgeon, a very sympathetic
December 29th I was admitted and the next morning I became early in the morning, plm. 6:00 a.m., woke up to get ready for surgery, it took me a while to fill in a word finder. then the nurse came and he looked surprised, and said he was comfortable filling in a word finder!, then I was brought down, first the anesthesiologist brought "the epidural" in, and then I was driven into the operating room and I got a cap on for the general anaesthetic, and then it started: the surgeons, Dr. L. and Dr. van den H. have removed a piece of intestine with the polyp with cancer.

operation through the LEF system from the navel,

to see it please check out the YouTube link

clicks he is because age bound

The chirugs Dr. L. and Bauke H. unseededly told each other that it was quite intense surgery,

was, they gave me extra oxygen, my wife had been called that the operation had succeeded, and there was no leak and therefore no stoma was needed and then my wife came to the J.A. and thought I would be back in the room at about 13:30, but because it had been so violent I had to stay in the recovery room until 16:00 , I must have looked pretty blue, in my room I also got oxygen.

While I was in the hospital there was also a observed one, so there were all kinds of restrictions for us at the time, so the room did not leave, but also the nursing staff had to change clothes every time they entered a room, after a certain time they had been there, understandably enough of it but duty remains duty and they did great !

03 January 2016 I was allowed to go home, actually already on January 2nd, then I was also deregistered, but in the evening at 22:00 my stool was only in order.
January 7th, Dr. L.dat cancer had been seen on the polyp, But it's all

out, so...., but on January 15th, I got a letter from the secretary of oncology that I should come to Marisa G. on March 22, the letter, manually, made a note that the earlier appointment, probably the appointment I made with Dr. L., that I would come by in a year,was moved to March 29, 2016.

on March 29, 2016 visiting Marisa G. the results of my blood values were very good, my hemoglobin value was 10.5, further agreed that I should come back in 9 months for a bowel exam, due to the fact
that she has been detected in a 5 cm tract with/in cancer cells completely removed, the chance of it coming back is minimal ===
These organs each have their specific function. The gastrointestinal tract can be divided into: Colon cancer almost always arises from a polyp in the intestinal wall. A polyp is a benign tumor. This isn't cancer yet, but polyps can get malignant. A malignant tumor is cancer.





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