Health from 1947 until now



Circa 1947

I was constantly suffering from spontaneous nosebleeds, this to Dr. van M. and who sent me by the ENT specialist, my mother and I went to the Grand Hospital to treat this when I was on the operating table the specialist came with tweezers with a tissue with a fluid on it to freeze that blood vein, When I saw him coming at me with that tweezers, I panicked as a 5-year-old kid, and when that specialist snapped me that I needed to be calm, my mother put that man back in place and told him to take into account that I was only 5 years old!

Around 1949 My mother and I went to St. John de Deo hospital to have groin fracture surgery on both sides, I suffered a trauma regarding injections, which I received twice in each groin area Around 1957 During work, working at Nolte Installation Bureau BV, in converting the "outings" (emergency lighting/directions) when checking the work of the indoor lighting "to" 380 Volt lingering the mechanic has pulled me from the tension-feeding parts, during the trapped it did inconceivable pain in common!

When working in the Municipal Lyceum a mechanic stated that I could also quit smoking, so to say, no longer smoked until my 34th no longer smoked!!
(then stopped twice and permanently)
Remove portion of nail from left big toe then burn shut from place where the removed nail had sat, this is later later repeated to the right big
During work, at the Army in Curaçao, tip of my left index finger shattered and corrected by a local surgeon, in Willemstad.

Around 1966/67 During repair to a hydraulic crane, the oil towing rings were leaking, I got under the crane a hydraulic

jack against my
head, which shot away, in which I suffered a concussion Around 1968 I found, by the family doctor, Dr. De Z., that during stress, or sitting in the "draft" that I get constriction in my neck blood vessels by tension in my neck muscles, i get a lot of headaches or in unconsciousness. Lost consciousness three times.
I suffered a base fracture of a skull because a mirror of a Citroën-HY9

see for Skull Base Fracture and Tia's 1970-1971....

After a so-called "Spanish Collar" (parafimosis) then circumcised.
Sterilization received an internal bleeding After which a so-called piece of "wild meat" in my scrotum grew that they removed with a kind of "radeerkuck" was not sedated and
On the construction site of our house in the Beacon, it was kicked in a rusty nail, it went to the hospital, after first having had an anesthetic syringe (a nurse went over my leg and clung to the treatment table so I could not pull my foot back) then opened the foot a little and brought in a large bit of iodine to stop the
During the loading of the small truck of Hendriks with bath things with great speed a bath thing is blocked and I ran into it with my jaw and thus shattered my left jaw half, since I went too late to the doctor/oral surgeon this is no longer curable.

During the roof tiles lay a nerve inflammation in my right shoulder had, from Dr. de Z., have had our gp morphine pills (6 pieces, more was not allowed).
During blood pressure measurement found that I had too high a pressure this was 116 while it should normally be 80, this turned out to be a family condition, after years later to have been consult with the Cardiologist and had a complete examination, with among other things cycling and so, turned out to only have an enlarged left ventricle, the Cardiologist said, that "top athletes" also, since that time I take a blood pressure pill, now everything is fine again, my pressure is by taking that pill I have an underpressure of 86,





explanation Cardiac arrhythmias and Atrial fibrillation .....

Duplex carotid

artery of
myself 1990 First Sciatica

attack, second
attack in early 2010 1999 With small angled grinding toll about 1 cm deep in my left middle finger "sharpened" then taken to the hospital for check fortunately no significant parts damaged.
Tendon sschedes right hand, of all fingers, removes because of the condition of Dupuytren.

After falling backwards (after trying to hit a tennis ball backwards over a garden hose) on my wrist and it remained painful, even after Dr. V. had given it a syringe because he thought the blood had solidified between my wrist joint, I went to the hospital later and a general surgeon put 4 syringes, at the same time, in my wrist, when that didn't help he put my forearm in plaster for 4 weeks, when that didn't help I had a lot of tendon disorder in my hand, all my fingers were crooked in the meantime, that he advised my hand to have my hand operated by Dr. A., a plastic surgeon, see above in surgeries.



oniontleg Pees condition Dupuytren......


The onset of Gout (Arthritis urica) attacks, these come back every time.


and ulcer pepticum is an inflammation of the lining of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum (first part of the small intestine) accompanied by erosion (damage) of the mucous membrane. An ulcer in the duodenum is more common than a stomach or esophage all-time weather.
The damage to the mucous membrane occurs by the touch of the mucous membrane with the acidic stomach acid, which is cell-destroying.
Symptoms Pain in the upper abdomen, abdomen or behind the sternum, depending on the location of the








Other symptoms may include nausea, heartburn or burling.
The complaints depend on the type of ulcer (ulcer).

In reflux disease, the patient complains of heartburn from the stomach pit running up to the throat. Often regurgitation will also occur when bending down and lying down, i.e. reflowing from stomach contents to the throat and oral cavity. The complaints often increase when bending and lying over.


on a visit to the general practitioner Dr. V. for my ankle, he did not know what it was, despite pictures from the hospital, later we found out ourselves that it is gout, when we left I said to him, oh yes, I once had that I

mispronished a word,
and also after that I tried again, and that twice my left arm was paralyzed, once long and once briefly, he looked at me surprised and said: that his Tia's July 30-July 2008 Problems with my knee, after an X-Ray photo, damage to my meniscus see photo:

May 2009
I had taken 4 diclofenag pills within two hours, you can only take a maximum of 3 a day, then go to my twin sister's golden wedding, there I took 3 headbutts (lager + Young Gin) then home and during my

sleep my alter ego turned on me: and now it's over with alcohol, and so it happened, I have absolutely no need for alcohol when I was previously really addicted to it, so I have been not consuming alcohol at all since then!!
Cataracts of left eye removed, also turned out to be eye haircut broken after 14 days of monitoring I was found to have nastaar, is "lasered" away around 16 March 2010 , later found that there is still a part of the nastaar present, but you "have to learn to live with it",

7 Tia's had, 1st time speech control loss, 2nd paralysis phenomenon left arm, 3rd paralysis left arm, 4th time speech control loss + control loss,

after the 4th Tia on my wife's request had an NPO examination in Ms. Drs. F, Neuropsychologist, during the introductory interview, Ms. F. said to me: what you did alone during and after your skull fracture would no longer be possible now that you would have gotten 10 people from my group over you, such as speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist etc., I stated: I did not do it alone and I pointed to my wife.

April 2010
I went to Dr. V. and told me that I don't accept the position of "you just have to live with it" because I don't agree that it comes from the cervical vertebrae, then he gave a reference to the neurologist, Dr. T..


when visiting Dr. T., first examined and questioned by a Co-assistant, this one made a, for me, stupid (parrot) like error by stating "you were allergic to penicillin, when it should have been you are allergic to penicillin ?, after informing him that this stupid error can be life-threatening in a hospital I was later called by Dr. T., who stated, after examination by himself, that I should not be with him and gave me a reference to the Radiology for an ultrasound examination and one for the Homeopathy.

20, 2010
At the Radiology Department, they first took X-Ray pictures again, but now of my shoulder, and then an ultrasound, then after seeing the measurements/recordings, the Radiologist stated that it will probably be mucous meningitis, now to the Orthopeed.

2, 2010
At Dr.B., Orthopedic, had a conversation with the pictures and ultrasound of my right shoulder, he stated that there were "rebuthes" in the bowl of my shoulder blade and hence the pain, the worn neck vertebrae were ordinary old-age wear, he gave me a syringe in my right shoulder and I had to come back on September 27.





September 27,
2010 Again visited Dr.B., after a conversation about how the first syringe had helped and I told him that it had helped but not entirely he suggested to put a second syringe, which I agreed to, then after some "chatter" and handing

out a sweet by him
to us, He thanked me twice for making him laugh, because he was all over it and was now able to take it again, 21 October 2010 At 10:00 am at Dr. K., Cardiologist) visiting, researching, been, on the advice and referral of Dr. V. (general practitioner), after the standard duties such as heart film and blood pressure measurement a conversation with her (Dr. K.) ,, after my wife's comment that I was losing quite a lot of weight, the doctor suggested that nothing had anything to do with my heart but that something could have to do with the thyroid gland, she found me rather busy, she said that it would be good to let me go "through the mill" first in a few weeks i had to have blood pricked for my thyroid gland and then on November 18th to the Carolus hospital .
November After first ??? a day
late to have arrived at the hospital a new appointment on November 23, Bicycle test, Ultrasound for my heart and then a Holter, then you get several contacts placed on your skin and then you have

carry a , a greenhouse with you and then drop it off the next day, to read out how my heart has functioned, 3 December Dr. K. on "rash" come to "rash", in terms of blood tests everything was good, but since I have had 4 Tia's I still have to take a pill for cholesterol, furthermore I have predisposition, slight burden, heart rhythm disorder and to try to prevent this further I also get a pill. Furthermore, I have to take these pills for 6 weeks and then come back for a heart film, ECG, as a

result of this I
have to come right back to Dr. K. or else in six months, March 2, 2011 At Dr.B. 3rd syringe received, with the announcement if it is not over in 8 weeks an operation follows.
25, 2011
Having been to Dr.B.

30, 2011
After Dr. K. went to liduina hospital in Boxtel, after first making an ECG, the judgment was that my heart is good (pfff), but that probably my blood pressure is too low regarding the dol and becoming unstable, so she changed my blood pressure pill from 20mg to 10mg.
On the night of 17-10-2011 to 18-10-2011 at
approximately 3:45 a.m. had a severe arrhythmia, I passed out in the meantime, before I was out, I also had a Tia, I couldn't get a sound out of my mouth and I felt I had a crooked face, so a Tia, then I took a pill for that, half an hour later I felt that another disorder was coming, when I lay straight down he disappeared again, I think that pill, Sotalol 80mg., then worked.

18-10-2011 morning a deputy general practitioner who examined me and arranged a visit to the emergency room in the J.E., when we (my wife & I) got there, +/- 2:00 pm we were expected and they did a complete examination, including ECG, blood test and other measurements, everything was good in the meantime and now I get a Holter to and in three weeks 11-11-2011 – 15:15, an examination with the Neurologist, Dr. T. Regarding that Holter I ask if it is useful, for only 24 hours, the "scoring chance" is then damn small, maybe a week better, (not that I like him to have, but better long than short), 01-06-2011 in the morning many times to urinate later much fever received
, 39.7 oC called a doctor from the weekend shift, who found that I had cystitis and stomach flu, the next day our GP called, his colleague had come and observed the same thing, lost 4 kilos, had diarrhoea the following week, also lost 2 kilos, now At least I know what is delirious, I saw my wife pouring in next to my bed, and my subconscious (alter ego) stated that this could not be my wife on south as a nanny grandma, so I opened my left eye and so did not see her. 06-11-2013 Due to all the tension with dr. K., Cardiologist, I thought my heart was playing, after examination by her I was informed that it was not my heart, my heart was good, if there was a point to be indicated from 1 to 10 with 10 as very well my heart stood at 8.5, but I did get the prescription Sotalol prescribed this prescription is for heart arrhythmia.

26-01-2014 in the morning many times to the toilet drove;

food poisoning, probably from eating sausage rolls that had passed the shelf life, had been well ill for a week. 11-11-2014 When Dr. V. (orthopedic) was checked for my right shoulder, after having photos taken in the X-ray department found that the cartilage between arm bullet and shoulder bowl was worn, an injection between these two, come/bullet in and now I have to come back in 5 weeks for further control.

16-12-2014 Been back with Dr. V. for control to leave everything like this, but I had a torn muscle in my right shoulder blade a week earlier, just rested, 16-02-2015 We wanted to watch the carnival parade of 2015 with us Willie and when we walked towards it we had to cross on the Lagelandstraat, but because of the crowds we did not cross over at the pedestrian crossing but besides, at the bike path across the road was a low bush with an opening, when I walked through it my right foot remained behind a twig and then I smacked forward, I butted twice with my head on the pavement and I broke my right wrist

Video broken wrist...

and I got a complicated wrist fracture and my left forearm i sprained, further my right knee sheet scraped 4x4 cm and a scratch in my right calf, someone had called 911 and people who lived there didn't know what to do to support me, really sweet, then came from 911 a z.g. Rapid, a VW-Golf with a doctor who gave me several syringes, one of which got cold and the other i got hot, so the average temperature was average, he took us to the JZB and there they took pictures and then I had to hang with a weight of 3kg on my elbow and then they with three people pulled my hand and put it back in order.
While leaving the birthday, on April 29, at Theo L., our neighbor, several people simultaneously gave me a hand from different angles and hugged me, as my muscles were weakened by the fracture/bruise tore my muscle between my shoulder blades on the right
got my heart around on the Orthen bridge this became more and more violent and at the senior complex, when we were put in the garage it was so violent, my wife put an Isosrsorbide pill under my tongue, it dropped slightly, then after 15 minutes she stopped a second pill under my tongue and then it went better, between the first and second pill I thought went under sail.
April 8 to Dr. V. who arranged an appointment the next day April 11, a at Dr. K., then April 13 a bicycle test, I had for the third time the same nurse a Turkish girl Fatma, I introduced them to my wife, the bike test was passed, then Dr. K. came to tell me that I had to come back on May 9th, after first having blood pricked but for the second time it was almost not going to be they couldn't find the vein, my wife also happened to have blood pricked, something had been detected on her liver, my wife was later blood pricked but was ready earlier, Dr. K. I thanked and complimented her for her efforts, from before regarding my colon

cancer , she became shy and said; "I can't stand compliments," she continued, she said to my wife, "You're doing pretty good normal," but if your husband has another seizure, you should call the ambulance and have it taken your husband to the J.A., we'll call.

now I will take it up with my GP, says the evn employee, no, you should discuss it with your gp and neurologist as soon as possible, so to say, because what you have is an aura, which announces an epilepsy attack, contacted the neurologist Dr. V. of the J.A. via the doctor and after a visit an EEG and an MRI Scan discussed on July 13, 2016, after this examination the results discussed, there was nothing to be observed, but these are currently recordings, so there is not always something to see in return*, we made the appointment: when I get a lot of trouble contacting immediately, otherwise come back in three months.
Furthermore, we found out that I suffer from "ANOSMIE" for years i can't smell anything, my wife has been asking for years at food, Ger is still good, I: yes I don't smell anything
?!? but yes we
are still alive, so I suffer from Fantosmie (strange smell) and Anosmie (can smell nothing)

Video CT-Scan...

* The Neurologist did say that on 17-11-2016 to Dr. V. that sometimes I have to go to the W.C at night 6 times to pee and that my lower back hurts and that when I have been to the W.C. to defecate I cannot turn around to wipe my buttocks, very painful, on 25-11-2016 I went to a branch of the JBZ in Rosmalen for Radiology, X-Ray pictures of my lower back LBK and vertebra and ultrasounds of my lower abdomen, the woman who carried out that research said, given your history, I'll do it extensively, now my comment "given your history" in the J.B.A. i noticed but it stuck, so in the J.B.

: Given your
history, the results were positive see statement below:


at 10:10am on half-yearly check-up with the Cardiologist, after first having an ECG video, blood pressure, weight and height measured to the Cardiologist, now the Cardiologe I normally visit was sick and I got a substitute Cardiologist, who looked at his monitor with very large eyes and said: you now go to the first aid heart monitoring immediately, so placed on a chair with two nurses to the first aid, so I??, protocol sir, which turned out: my heart rate was 147, upper pressure 199 underpressure 107 and in the first aid all kinds of operations and blood taken, then a conversation with another Cardiologist and Neurologist, then the Anaesthetist put a cap on my nose/mouth, took a deep breath and I was under anesthesia an Electro Cardio Version (an electric optater) , nothing of it felt so, then my heart

was again constant, gone home, Discussion: It concerns a 75-year-old man known with hypertension and frequent supraventricular extrasystolen. Patient is presented with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation at the ECG. The physical examination shows a fast and irregulated pulse. The ECG shows atrial fibrillation with a fast tracking frequency. The lab is no different. In conclusion, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation has existed since 4-5 days.
It was decided to use an Electro Cardio
Version. This one was successful after 1x100J. The enalapril was increased to 20mg 1dd1 associated with high blood pressure levels measured here.

Video Electro Cardio Version (a so-called "Optater")

An outpatient check appointment was agreed in 6 weeks. Due to temporary double vision, neurology was requested in consultation with a history of TIAs. To avoid a possible cerebral hemorrhage in passagere diplopia and use of dabigatran, he wanted to perform a CT cerebrum. There was no bleeding on this. The current drug policy continued.

I got a call at home from the J.B.A. asking me to come back, she wanted to do another CT scan on my head, because I had seen double an hour during the conversation with the Cardiologist, so back after the scan, the Neurologist said, "You had a little Tia, (my 6th in the meantime) but because you're
using Pradaxa blood thinners, which are very intense, your blood clot is immediately dissolved again, if you had used another blood thinner you would have had a stroke, so in 6 weeks back to the Cardiologist, Operation : CT - Cerebrum Compared to previous examination of January 26, 2007.

Normal foramen magnum. Normal brain stem. Open basal cisterns. Symmetrical, slightly dilated ventricle system with the groove of the gyrus sulcus pattern, matching any degree of atrophy. Normal gray-white fabric differentiation. No displacement of median structures. No intracerebral hemorrhage.
Well-known old ischemic changes beidal, on the left more than the
right. No evidence of fresh ischemia.
Normal image of the orbitae.
Status after cataract extraction on the left. Intact ossal structures. Bright sinuses and mastoid cells.

No intracerebral hemorrhage. No evidence of fresh ischemia.
(Left more than right, how much more?)
so this was for me 'even' on half-yearly check, at 10:00 am in the JSZ and at 20:45 again out..

January 15, 2018 in the department Endoscopy a Laproscopy, they are without "intoxication" or noted that in Laproscopy so through your mouth and especially esophagus WITHOUT a daze and at an Endoscopy, via your anus DO work with a daze ?? with a Laparoscope through my mouth to my esophagus>>stomach>>twelve-fingered intestine gone and on the way back they took 2 Biopsies from my stomach because a red spot had been observed, could also get through the drugs, and from my esophagus also taken two biopsies because of my complaint that sometimes the food did not want to fail and sometimes came back, according to the doctor it

was not cancer, given my colon cancer before I am rather sharp on it, the Biopsies are sent to the Pathologist and who eventually gives the result, then rhyme a letter from the JBZ for an appointment and then the doctor will call my what time, I have to carry my smartphone with me all day

I biopsy gastric anrum: no abnormalities. No inflammatory characteristics of significance, no intestinal metaplasia, no helicobacter pylori.
II stomach antrum and corpussic membrane biopeds with phocial intestinal metaplasia. (= not completely normal but not malicious) No dysplasia. (called dysplasia = dangerous)
Low chronic inflammation at most. No helicobacter pylori.
III biopsies esophagus: no inflammatory characteristics of significance. No image of eosinophilic oesophagitis.

On June 25, 2019 on annual research Cardiology, after first the standard units, ECG and beyond, at interview Cardiologist, Dr. P. appointment that I did not have to come back, everything looks good, we already knew that my heart is perfect, only my "switchbox" is not good therefore suffer from Arrhythmias and Atrial Fibrillation.

so the next visit only by Ambulance.

------------------------- VISIT THE EYE SPECIALIST BECAUSE OF CATARACT RIGHT EYE Summary Ophthalmic History: 2009 Phaco OS Complicated by hair-encbarry, sulcuslens OMA 19.5D + vitrectomy anterior 2010 YAG OS 2010 blepharo corr General history: '70 skull fracture, hypertension, TIA's 4x Family anamnesis: gb Allergy: - penicillin Anamnese Daily suffer from impaired vision OD.

The last 1-2 years also occasional diplopia complaints, this then pulls away again, TIA's regularly, mr thinks it has to do with that.
examination Visus with own correction OD: 0.56.

Visus with own correction OS: 0.94.
Eye pressure OD: 16 mmHg, non contact tonometer.

Eye pressure OS: 20 mmHg, non contact tonometer.
OD: V: 0.68 S +0.75 =C-0.50 AS 70
OS: V: ntv S -2.50

=C-1.25 AS 109 Slit lamp OD: cataract, centrally disturbing opacities.
Slit lamp ODS: cornea bright, gut (-), vok gr. 4, pex (-), iris gb, .
Cataract OD with

visus complaints Policy Start cataract pathway OD, experienced physician; B.

On 2-10-2019, the above patient was with us under treatment in connection with a cataract of the right eye. A cataract extraction was performed according to the phaco-emulsification method in which an artificial lens was placed in the hairstyle bag.
The prescribed postoperative medication in the operated
eye consists of: Dexamethasone 3 dd and yellox 3 dd, phasing out according to schedule..
The post-operative check takes place here at the outpatient
A new lens may be required at the last check.



11-05-2020 at own request research, after reference

Dr. Visser,

Complete back ===================On

May 20, 2020, inflamed right molar, then suffered from inflamed gums for over a week..
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- referred to the J.A.M. for breast photo and a heart film, ECG, both results were positive in nature, fortunately....

at cardiology Dr. E. had an Ultrasound examination and had a Holter for 48 hours, see

Transthoracal echocardiogram

Name: Hurk van den, J.G. Date study: 07/07/2020 11:29G length: 175 cm
Pat. No: 4297756 Weight: 104 kg
Geb. date: 07/02/1942 (DD/MM/YYYY)Gender:
Male BSA: 2.19 m² Accession number: 0321184929 Age: 78 Years
Referring doctor: Elsman, Peter
Requesting doctor: Elsman, Peter

Moderate image quality at adipositas. As far as

to assess: - Visually reasonable to normal systolic LV function. Normal LV dimensions and diameters.
- Normal systolic RV function.
- LA not dissized. ra not able to adequately assess.
- Minor AoI, aortic valve sclerosis (Vmax 2.3m/sec). No further valve suffering matters.
- Legal pressures not measurable in the absence of measurable TI and PI, VCI not to be visualized.

Left Ventricle The systolic left ventricle function is

Normal left ventricle dimensions. Normal left ventricle
wall thickness.
Judge Ventricle
The systolic RV function is normal.
LA dimension is normal.
valve The AoV is not properly visualized. Low aortic valve insufficience.
Mitral valve
The mitral valve is normal in structure and function.
valve No indication of tricuspidalis valve insufficiency.
barrels The aortic root is not dilated. Undilated aortic ascendens. VCI not to be judged in .m. bad echo window.
quality The image quality of the research is moderate.
Rhythm: SR.

Measurements and calculations

Dimensions and function LAV (MOD- IVSd: 0.81 cm TAPSE: 2.6 cm sp4): 79.3 ml LAV (MOD- LVIDd: 6.0 cm bp): 73.8 ml LAV(MOD-bp) LVPWd: VpWd: 1 0.90 cm Indexed: 33.8 ml/m² Aorta Ao root diam: 3.6 cm asc Aorta Diam: 3.9 cm Valves Ao V2 max: 228.8 cm/sec MV dec time: 0.18 sec.

Ao max PG: 20.9 mmHg MV E/A:
0.50 Ao V2 VTI: 38.7cm MV
E max sheet: 43.9cm/sec Ao V2 mean: 164.0 cm/sec MV A max sheet: 87.7cm/sec
Ao mean
PG: 11.9 mm H

LV V1 max: 101.7 cm/sec LV V1 max PG: 4.1 mmHg LV
V1 mean: 73.3cm/sec
LV V1 mean PG: 2.36 mmHg
LV V1 VTI: 16.8 cm VTI index: 0.43 Rated
Dr Marc Piels, cardiologist 07/07/2020 12:02








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at the express request of my wife and son, no photos and dates were posted in my autobiography.


Copying, distributing and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of J. Ger van den Hurk, except and only to the extent otherwise provided in regulations of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), unless specified otherwise in the case of specific
at the express request of my wife and son, no photos and dates of them have been placed in my autobiography.