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 S include photos from Egypt-Abu Dhabi-Nigeria and Tanzania





Once I called a staff officer from a company that had sent a cover letter, he was right, you're too expensive, I said this is our first interview, there's talk about that, then he said, Someone

with such knowledge and experience there is a price tag that is far too high for us, and in the process, you are also way too old (38), he said listen: we take a little bit of HTS, we give it a little more like the minimum wage there we go into a conversation in which you will already make a comment in the second line, given your experience, so you mean that with me can not be manipulated, he said you give your self already a reply , then I knew
right away, regarding job applications, that I was not on the sidelines but on a dead end!! bad luck so....
ignited, went to the hospital with this, after first having had an anesthetic syringe (a nurse went over my leg and clung to the treatment table so I couldn't pull my foot back) then opened the foot a little and brought in a big cotton tip iodine to stop the inflammation.
During the loading of the small truck of Hendriks with bath things with great speed a bath thing is blocked and I ran into it with my jaw and thus shattered my left jaw half, since I went too late to the doctor/oral surgeon this is no longer curable.

During the roof tiles lay a nerve inflammation in my right shoulder had, from Dr. de Z., have had our gp morphine pills (6 pieces, more was not

After checking with the Social Services Department(SD) from which a benefit was provided, whether there was a possibility of support at SD for start-up entrepreneurs, it was said that this did not exist, for entrepreneurs in need but not for start-ups, but since it was known to the SD as very positive, I was allowed to try, but I was not allowed to register with the Chamber of Commerce,(KvK) because I was a de facto entrepreneur and stopped my benefit if I am not registered with the Chamber of Commerce I can not send invoices because I am not known to the tax

Well, those who are not strong must try to be smart, now I was known to an entrepreneur, supplier of ship supplies, where I had bought goods, steel wire, grease etc., when I joined NWC and Gebr. Hendriks worked, which had stopped and put his company - the Economy BV "in the attic "in the attic", if he had officially stopped he had to pay a large amount of tax, we also had a good private relationship with them, we called them Ome Jan and Tante Lies, the reason was, when I worked at NWC I bought goods from them, when it went bankrupt they still had money from that company I thought I ask him if I could use BV, just before I wanted to call him about this we got a call from a stepdaughter of Ome Jan saying that Aunt Lies had died suddenly, they lived in Breda, we immediately went to Breda, when we got there and Killed Jan with the loss of Aunt Lies , he asked Ger for a drink, yes I liked to say, just as always, he poured a lemonade glass full of Whisky (?), later I told him I would have called you anyway, but I would have come back to that later, Ome Jan said, tell him now, given the situation I refused, but he insisted that I still ask my question, then I told him that I had wanted to ask him if I could use him BV, he said I would come back to that after the cremation of Aunt Lies.
Later during the cremation of Tante Lies, and I offered my condolences to Jan, he said to me, Ger regarding the use of my BV I will come to you next week, after a week Came Ome Jan, he said, I had the BV change and you can use it now, he gave us Dfl. 10,000.00 and said start

So I approached importers or agents of the well-known power tools such as: AEG, Black & Decker, Bosch, Kango, Metabo, Skill etc. As well as everyone were willing to appoint us as a reseller, except AEG, then I went "on the market", my potential groups were among others construction companies, electrical plumbing and central heating installation companies, factories.
At one point, in +/- 1982 stood Karel'tje V., "construction boss" at Construction Company van Eijkelenburg from Rosmalen, where I had worked as a construction mechanic from 06-06-1966 to 24-11-1968, on the doorstep, so 14 years later, I looked very surprised and come in Charles, he said Ger I heard that you started for yourself, and I have two projects for you, I said Karel, Thank you

At the Heineken Breweries in 's-Hertogenbosch, the main purchase was H.W., a former back neighbor in palmboomstraat, i had a meeting with them to sell tools to them, at

the last he asked, and Mr. van den Hurk, why do you think you can deliver to Heineken, I gave him the answer, without first thinking, because I've been taking away from you for years, then came out behind his eyes a laugh and he said, this has never said to me before, so I got a great customer, he asked me, can you technically take the D., I said, no, then he said we're his biggest customer, you have to talk to them, then I asked, may I say your name then I got permission and he gave me a flyer from this company. I called this company to the director, Mr. H., we picked up a date when I could meet him at his company, so to say, I came to them on that date, I had to go up a steep steel staircase and there in the office I met the manager, Frits K., Mr. H. wasn't there, I had to come back

the next day, when I was there the next day and met him he said, I know you, I said he didn't know me but my brother, who was the same age as him, and I said you come from the New Craft Street, so that was right, so became a good customer, my wife made the appointments by phone, at one point she said

, I called K. Installation company in Berghem, that guy was crass, pfff. I drove over there and I spoke to the salesman in the store and asked him, who is the person responsible for the purchase and maintenance of power tools?, he said thunder out of the store we have more to do and we already have a supplier, so that was indeed crass, besides that is not here anymore , that's in Oss, when I walked out of the store I remembered that I had to have a jet breaker for a crane and I asked him if they sell it separately, he said yes, what kind of crane, after explaining this to him he sold me this, under the checkout I asked, what's that man's name again, he said Brord van G. , then he looked at me in amazement and shot in his smile, he said, if you drive to Oss then you drive so and so and it is there, that Brord has long hair, a big mustache and walks in a leather jacket, I so go there, I see him walk and ask him, are you Brord of G., he said yes why , I stated that the salesman in the store had told me, I thought I'm inside, if you come through that salesman, he walked into his office into a hallway, out of sight so, I called out to him, hey come back, he looked around the corner my and asked, did you tell me, I said yes, of course , I'm not a loopy joekel running after you, to this company we've sold a lot of drills and hammer drills, but they were slow payers, and if it took too long, I sent them a payment statement with our delivery condition, and Article 5(b) stated that the payments had to take place within 30 days, after 30 days only the gross recommended prices, we had on our invoices therefore the net and gross recommended prices, after this reminder they paid very quickly, because the discounts were around 20/30%.
So we got more and more customers, the Municipal Energy Company, the PNEM, etc. the carport I had converted as a workshop for the supposed repairs, but then I found out that I had to have a national recognition as an electrical repairer company, on the advice of KvK I could apply for recognition from the SER, if I had been in a leadership position in this discipline for more than 10 years I could possibly obtain such an acknowledgement with an illuminated exam, after telephone conversations with an official of the SER I became extremely angry, he stated: you have been out of work twice for some time so you have not had a managerial position in this for 10 years (??!) I asked him if I had that
knowledge , experience than would have been lost, I then became extremely angry, then we pinned a date for a new conversation, I opened my Success Agenda on that

particular day and the day's spell was: "You achieve more by a smile than by being angry" the effect, At one point Ome Jan became seriously ill, he was living in a very nice apartment in the Vughterpoort, he called me to him once and showed me a sports bag containing many gold and silver coins, savings bank accounts etc. and he asked me if I wanted to take them, I got a strange feeling and I refused, because what was I supposed to do with it in the end, how were those goods obtained by him , legal or illegal, further if they were meant for us, what then, the savings bank accounts I could not redeem anyway, or Grandma Jan would have had to draw up and sign a general authorization, further if I had to prove how I got those coins money for this money the same, because his special coins are not registered, so then the question comes: how did Ome Jan really come into the daylight. bad luck so....??

===then they cashed in the funds of the customers and refused to pay the suppliers, so we got the suppliers on our roof, which in the end I had been in charge of the Economy BV all along, after explaining to them how the fork was actually in the stem we were believed in this and did not bother them anymore, but a stepson always bothered me and wanted to see money, what he thought we had of the case , after consulting with a lawyer, from our legal aid insurance, he asked you to tell him that he should put all his questions and the like on paper and he would get answers from our lawyer, do not be tempted to make a statement and especially not of a promise! bad luck so....
had to come back three times in a week, they apologized, they didn't like to have me come back three times in a week, they didn't like to have me come back three times, I said something like that could happen to such a large organization, I didn't know if they did challenge, but the whole thing was received positively, so without deductions or

next? Since I had already gained some experience, we made the decision that we would continue.
In the meantime, Willie H. came to know that there was a free (unbranded) petrol pump station in Oss for sale, that was behind him company, it consisted of 4 petrol, 2 diesel and 1 LPG pumps, a building with a lift bridge and office/cash register space, we signed a "provisional" deed of sale at a Notary Office, with as an escape clause if we did not obtain the mortgage the purchase expired, we went to Rabobank for a Mortgage, which stated that we first had to have a feasibility study done by the CIMK (Central Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), after a certain time we got a visit from Drs.B. from the CIMK with the report, when he came in and we started the conversation he started first, Mr. van den
Hurk , you are an exception, when I asked why, he said the people are either a good buyer, or a good seller, but are it both!, but the report is negative, first of all the gains on fuels are so low in Oss that there is almost no profit to be made, secondly it is not a well-known brand such as Shell, Texaco or so, and it is very unfavourable, there are no passers-by along, therefore the opinion is negative. bad luck so...
At one point Harrie R., the brother of Bertus R., was visiting us, Harrie had an education as an electric installer, he had "rented" it to a cousin of his, and he had an electric installation company, but in the technical knowledge/field he looked up to me, when we were talking about the possible purchase of the petrol station, he said I see it already: HTB-v/d Hurk Technical Companies, a wholesaler of tools and a petrol station, so that's how we got this business name, after putting a business plan on paper we made a request from Lanschot Bankiers to obtain a business loan in which our house would serve as collateral, at that time our house had an excess value of +/- 200%

for photos on building this house, see below...

(built in self-management, (from Gebr. Hendriks Bouwbedrijf NV, among other things the use of their purchase advantage in stones, and other building materials, use of free equipment), this house I built with Bert R. it must be said that Bertus built the house and I did the organization of it, after agreement of Lanschot Bankiers, I wrote, on 30-11-1982, to the KvK as the above company. Using my experience and customer base, from the Economy BV, I moved on, where I left off after the death of Ome Jan and thus the ending of this company.
And of course the diamond cutting discs, which were quite expensive at the time, I came to the yard, Harrie P. was the yard owner and bought all this kind of equipment and material, he once said to my, Ger, yet is salesman but scavenge, I said, yes it's not always nice, he said, Ger I mean not you, you're not a salesman, you just belong to us, we think, I said, thank
There was a chief executor working, I got several assignments from that, but he asked once, Ger can't come to my house once, I said, yes of course, when I was with him he told me what a disaster had happened to him he said: I have two daughters, with one is doing well, who has a friend and lives on in a flat in Den Bosch, my other daughter got into a relationship with an older married man and who went to live together, he made them addicted to hashish, at one point she was pregnant, that was not his intention and he kicked them out, she then came to live with us, , then her son was born, who was then sitting on my
lap , Mari said, then she went to see my other daughter once, but she wasn't home, She was running errands at the time, when she came home on the bike thought what was it busy at my flat, when She got there it turned out that my other daughter had thrown herself off the ninth floor, suicide so, at one point the director said, the "gentleman" the B. to me, Mari we do support you, later he said, Mari I may not give you money or otherwise support the church council, because your daughter has died in sin ?!!? talk about bad luck/disaster, the bastards.


I had rented a workshop in the Jan van Speijkstraat in Vught to repair large equipment such as elevators and grout mills, where several "acquaintances" worked for me as a mechanic, among others: Theo who I knew from Gebr.
Hendriks, I had hired him there, he once said: Ger you are the best and hardest boss I know, I asked if he could work at my evening, yes of course he said, he had come to me to repair equipment and told me that his wife didn't like it, because my wife and I had been visiting there once and had beaten my fist on the table during a violent story, then he had put his wife, a teacher, outside??!?, I said Theo go back soon, I think it's a great honor that you have so much left for me, but your wife is much more important to you than I have, and so done.

In the period from 10-01-1984 to 24-01-1984 I went to take a course at Fenedex (Federation for Dutch Export), the course "The creation and settlement of export transactions" was intended to obtain more science on this, where a fellow student, George van I., came to me and asked, May I sit next to you, I said of course, we got acquainted during the course, he worked at Installation Company NOLTE N.V., in Eindhoven, this was one of the largest electrical installation company in the Netherlands, he introduced me in the office among others to the finance director de Hr. de H., an old Marine, there was a large picture in his office about this, this man later visited us in the Baken

, after a nice conversation he told me that they had acquired an assignment from ESSO in Rotterdam, the ESSO-Flexicoker project. George went there as a buyer, so this became a big customer/buyer of ours, but in the eindhoven office I had also met Vince C., who had been appointed as quantity-Surveyor for the Surabaya-Airport project in Indonesia,
in the construction of this project NOLTE would do the total installation, among other things start and runway lighting, the lighting elements that sit in the ground and of course the installation of the buildings, etc. I got a nice bond with Vince, who told me that he had lived and worked for years in Tanzania, he knew the General Manager of the airport in Dar es Salaam, Mr. Laurence M., meanwhile I got the idea to be in African lande with the supply of irrigation agents such as tube , valves, drip irrigation, etc. and had the KvK credit the
company name TIS/Total Irrigation Systems, then came just the beginning of communication with a fax machine, the first "fax" that had was still a G2 type, really the beginning of use in the business world, after a time asked a company to which I faxed, Mr. van den Hurk is your fax sometimes broken, he is so slow, on that the G3

series already existed, so I was for in Africa a kind of "Yellow Guide" ===an invitation from the Tanzanian Embassy in Ameristraat(?) 1 to 's-Gravenhage if I wanted to visit them, as I needed support, myself felt, for my poor command of the English language , I received support from Geert van O., export consultant of the KvK, for the first time we went to the Embassy we first visited the country expert of Tanzania at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, because of the fog we arrived much later as agreed and the gsm did not exist yet, so we unfortunately could not inform the person that we arrived leaving, when we came to his department he and said, at the moment I still have a pastry useful, we have a birthday, if the time comes you will hear it (??).


back to being self-employed....









If there was a person full of stress I was asked to examine it, then I went with that person "fooling around" i.e. I tried to make him laugh with humor, after he had been shot in laughter and he so relaxed I went to start the exam, usually for the train driver successfully.
Furthermore, the crane school asked if I wanted to examine Germans, when I stated that In my own opinion I did not have the German language to test, they were disappointed, if there was a special case, the same thing happened as with my previous employers, Ask Ger, later asked me if I wanted to examine Scottish train drivers, together with a female co-examiner, so I liked that, I am quite empowered, that woman was a wife of a crane hire company, when those Scots noticed that that woman was also "falling from their seats", she suggested to us on the other hand we do not even have female machinists, let alone female examiners.

Normally when we were examining we were with two examiners, then two people who were being exemplified went to the construction crane and then the first one went up to turn on and we checked the other one in a 20 red/white checkered container, in it there was a blackboard and hung the necessary hoists like hoisting chains and nooses on hooks, at one point I noticed that the person we were investigating was stuck now they had to know the s.g. of concrete and steel, among other things, in order to be able to make an estimate of the weight of the load to be hoisted, now it was s.g. of steel rounded up, also for safety, so from 7.8 to 8, then I to that
man , I will put half of the s.g. on the board, the fellow examiner said to me, Mr. van den Hurk this is not allowed!, I wait and I wrote on the board the number o so who did know said yes that is 8 who really did not know made a 9 or 6 of it, this "joke" they used for years, when I was secretary at the beginning and there was a "talk case" then the 4 examiners came together and then each 1 vote and the president had an extra voice to avoid stalemates, but what I was most proud of in practice I had the decisive voice (secretly proud) and at graduation (lifting certificates) then many machinists thanked me with the comment : thanks to you I passed, and then Of course I suggested not you have to perform it yourself.

I got a fax from Washington every thursday night with Polling numbers so that I could get my expenses from their faxes with four different disciplines, and one of them I found interesting, knowing the information that countries got which loans from the WorldBank, the Polling numbers changed every week, the reason was that people who were not members of the WorldBank didn't know which numbers were valid that week, I have to say that I'm proud that the WorldBank itself has written to

My wife came up with the idea, put forward by Mr. K. our accountant, to set up a Man-Woman-VOF, it was more tax-effective, she asked you 60% and I 40%, I then shot in my smile, why are you laughing again, I said normally it was 50/50, so to speak, VOF-MAN/WOMAN AGREEMENT BETWEEN my wife AND MYSELF 01-01-1990 KUWAIT I received a request from a kuwaiti company regarding delivery of "dessert grass" to use along the roads to prevent the spraying of the sand, because the sand ended up on the highways and then it became as slippery as bacon, that sand had become because of the constant movement around and therefore life-threatening, this grass had a double effect , to roots held the ground and the grass stems worked as a kind of

wall, this dessert-grass, was also used in Australia, FURTHER WITH KUWAIT....



In the meantime, I had an agent in Egypt, Mr. Mahfouz D. of P. Trading and Agency Ltd., where I received many requests from goods of various disciplines, I almost always sent a quote, if you offered a quote you had to offer a Bid Bond, of 2%, by means of a bank guarantee but I made for years the mistake that I thought was not necessary (?!!!), then I received an application from among others a vertical lathe and several other workshop machines, which I had applied for at Strojimport Netherlands in Mijdrecht, Mr Jurgen F. was the salesman I negotiated with, this Jurgen believed completely in the project, they had offered a total of 6 machines and in doing so, at my request , a transferable Bid Bond, later called Jurgen and said that they could not deliver a machine, but in the meantime I had already received confirmation from the client from Egypt,

from the Societe des Sucreries et the Distillerie d'Egypt, Cairo, that the Vertical Lathe is worth Dfl. 851,044.00, technically accepted, I said to Jurgen now we are lucky that the client has opened the offer, they have only accepted one machine, if they had accepted all the machines we might have had a fine, on one occasion Mr. U., director of Strojimport Netherlands in Czechoslovakia, now czech republic and started on this lathe with the management of the holding, they said to him, do not worry about this , we also sacrificed it ourselves, so you have little chance, on another time he was there again, again the same conversation,

then there was a call from Mijdrecht by Jürgen saying: We have the assignment: CONTINUE DOING BUSINESS IN EGYPT....

So the next day we took a plane to Kano-Nigeria to visit the Commissioner of Katsina-State, we in Kano-City rented

a car with driver, meanwhile my agent in Nigeria, i.e. Kenneth O. So we arrived the next day by plane to Kano-Nigeria to visit the Commissioner of Katsina-State, we in Kano-City rented a car with driver, meanwhile my agent in Nigeria, i.e. Kenneth O. arrived and went w to Katsina, a small day driving, there a hotel taken, for pictures see below at this page,






When we were in the Commissioner's office, he said to me, politely laughing, "That's right, but this Commissioner is no longer there, I'm now the Commissioner, so end of practice, when we walked across the market and I made video of this, we were arrested, and with the four of us, Ben, Kenneth, the driver and myself were taken to the police station and were in the station no one knew what to do, then the police commander was brought in, a sympathetic young man in plainclothes, he looked in video camera and was thinking about it, now I had positioned myself in the background, that I was especially not emphatically present, I said to Ben, let the commissioner's invitation letter be seen, the young one looked at the letter and said : tell that gentleman I) that he can no longer make recordings otherwise he will be arrested and only their Ambassador can get him to
jail, you can go, and I so put the Video camera "in the bottom of the duffel bag", u_kunt_gaan as I could have done at Heijmans, but you do not do such a thing, for the sprinkling game, ear pictures see at the bottom of this page,

We, Ben and myself went to our hotel in Kano for the return flight to Schiphol, we sat in the garden of the hotel there was also a Dutch surgeon, he made himself known to me, and I asked him what he was doing there, he said I repair bitches?!!, I asked him for explanation, explanation, He said the girls of 13 and so, get married off here and then when they get pregnant at the age of 13, that girl breaks down on the inside, so everything goes unchecked like urine and the like, then they smell quite a bit and they get disowned and then I fix that, I have a German help in this and this woman is like my wife, I only keep this up for half a year , sometimes I treat the girls in hut and only candlelight, and then I go back to the Netherlands to pump me up again, I'll give you a book tomorrow, but I haven't seen that man for incomprehensible reason, n then back to the Netherlands, so mission into the fog. bad luck so...

went there to visit his "castle" above the gate was a wooden shield mounted with Arabic text on it, we sat on the patio outside talking, a man from the other side of the place crawled on his knees and got some nairas thrown in and he went crawling back, backwards because he was not allowed to show the back of him to the Emir !?!?! away from the place again. The emir's son, Kenneth, Ben and myself to visit the Commissioner of Bauchi-State, everyone had to leave and make way for the emir's son, so there had a, as it turned out, useless conversation.
The Commissioner said to me, I am familiar with a Dutch company with KAWECO sprinkling game, I said oh, given the experience I had with KAWECO, so I could have communicated a negative opinion against that Commissioner, but of course you do not.
back to continue as self-employed...





In 1996 kreeg ik belastingcontrole, de inspecteur vroeg of ik smeergeld betaalde in Afrika, ik ontkende dit, toen stelde hij, weet je dat je dat mag, ik zei ja dat weet ik, afhankelijk van de opdracht tot Dfl. 10.000,= maar dat doe ik dus niet, later in dat jaar kregen van de belasting zakelijk een aanslag van +/- 35.000,= want mijn vrouw werd niet gezien als vennoot, namelijk de vennoot moet minimaal ik(we) schrokken ons te pletter, we hadden het geld gewoon niet, ik ging me er eens goed in verdiepen en vroeg bij diverse personen, o.a. onze zoon, en onze accountant stuurde een bezwaarschrift in, toen hebben we een afspraak gemaakt met de Hoofd Zakelijke Belasting, toen we bij hem op kantoor waren stelde ik tegen het hoofd, u gaat op mijn stoel zitten u bepaald hoeveel uren per jaar,

1225, mijn "vennoot moet maken, verder stelt u welke werkzaamheden moet uitvoeren, namelijk dezelfde als ik, dus u gaat weer op mijn stoel zitten, als ik met iemand een vennootschap aanga moet hij of zij juist andere werkkwaliteiten hebben, b.v. Dhr. K. als accountant brengt een meerwaarde in de vennootschap, toen stelde het hoofd "ik kan de inspecteur toch ook niet afvallen?!?, toen kwam er een stelling dat ik iets tegen de inspecteur gezegd zou hebben, ik ontkende dat en zei, bij de rechtbank zal ik zweren onder ede dat ik dit niet gezegd heb, een vriend van ons die bij de belastingdienst hoofd was bij een andere afdeling had mij gezegd dat de tijd dat hun in ivoren torens zaten ook over was en dat ze het benauwd kregen als er een rechtszaak dreigde, voilà, maak gebruik van je wetenschap, zei het hoofd, ho ho, we beginnen niet over een rechtszaak, ik zei ik wilde alleen maar aangeven dat ik er zeker van ben dat ik dat niet heb gezegd, o.k. zei hij dan word u vrouw aangemerkt als vennoot tot en met 1993, zei Dhr. K., nee tot en met 1994, u weet wel waarom, hij dacht even na en zei, ja o.k. en met 1994, dus het was geheel opgelost en de aanslag werd ingetrokken, buiten stelde de Heer K., Ger geweldig hoe heb je dat voor elkaar hebt gekregen, maar hoe kwam je op een rechtszaak? Ik zei had je zijn reactie gezien? Dhr. K. zei, Ger heel veel boerenechtparen hebben een Man-Vrouw-VOF, ik kan nu vooruit ik heb nu, dankzij jouw een geweldige uitkomst die ik gebruiken kan.

Ik kreeg, omstreeks 1990, een verzoek om lid te worden van de WAVA, WAVA stond voor Nederlands -West Afrikaans Verschepers Associatie, een samenwerkingsverband van de grootste Nederlandse bedrijven zoals, Unilever, Philips, AKZO etc. die bij de opstart nog geen aparte afdelingen hadden voor de logistiek, k schat dat die club in ongeveer 1960 is opgericht, ik vond het weer verbijsterend dat ik ook hier voor werd uitgenodigd, hetzelfde als bij de uitnodiging van de Wereldbank en als bevoorrechtgesprekspartner bij de EEG.
Tijdens de bijeenkomsten werd er duidelijke taal gesproken, zo in de zin van: in ................ is een nieuwe Minister of Trade aangesteld, als je de persoon .........., USD 35,000.= geeft word het makkelijker om in dat land te goederen te laten importeren, gelijk het gesprek wat ik gehad had met de tweede persoon van de Tanzaniaanse Ambassade

Ik heb wel "leuke" evenementen meegemaakt bij deze groep t.w.:
Ik kreeg een uitnodiging van een afscheidsreceptie van Dhr. B...... hoofd van de Nederlandse afdeling van de UNESCO, de uitnodiging was zéér duur uitgevoerd, het briefhoofd van het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken was met opgespoten lak Pfff, verder toen ik in 's-Gravenhage in de ruimte kwam waar de afscheidsreceptie deed plaatvinden waren er maar enkele genodigde aanwezig dus het was een zeer select gezelschap, er werd op een vleugel muziek gespeeld, en de versnaperingen werd door een ober rondgebracht, vervolgens kwam het hoofd de secretaris generaal van die afdeling en die hield een afscheidsspeech compleet gedesinteresseerd, je werd er gewoon ziek van, ik vond het een complete vernedering naar de Heer B......
toe, vervolgens was Dhr. B....... aan de beurt, nu daar kwam dan ruim 25 jaar rancune uit, vervolgens gaf hij de sleutel van het gebouw af en stelde dat hij hoopte later met zijn ex-collega's nog eens te gast kon zijn, want hij begon een adviesbureau, toen werd hem een geschenk aangeboden van de genodigde, een NATIONAL Cassetterecorder, werd aan de Philips genodigde vraagtekens gezet.

Toen werd ik op 22 juni 1992, uitgenodigd voor de receptie bij het bezoek van de President van Benin, een broer van Ad W........ t.w. Ton W....... die was diverse malen naar Afrika gegaan als ontwikkelingssamenwerker, daar was hij getrouwd met een Afrikaanse vrouw, nu waren hun in Nederland en ik vroeg aan haar of ze zin had om mee te gaan als b.v. secretaresse, dat wilde ze wel, toen vroeg ze aan mij, mag ik dan onze President een hand schudde, ik zei, ja natuurlijk, nu had ze op die dag een examen Nederlands in Eindhoven, ik ben aan het bellen gegaan en daarna kon ze het examen in Rotterdam doen, zeis vanuit Rotterdam met de trein naar 's-Gravenhage gegaan en mijn vrouw heeft ze opgepikt en naar het hotel gebracht waar de receptie zou plaats vinden, ze kleedde zich achter op de parkeerplaats om in Binineese klederdracht en toen de President aan kwam rijden, net als in Amerika, veel motorpolitie met zwaailichten en tweetonige hoorns, we gingen in de rij naar binnen en schudden de President en zijn meegekomen Ministers een hand en gingen verder in de zaal staan, onze Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken was toen Dhr. van de Broek, ik heb staan praten met een gevolmachtig Minister uit Indonesië en uiteraard Premier Lubbers was ook aanwezig.




I was allowed all the office equipment, 2 PCs, thermal bookbinder, laser printer and so on, later he asked for the laser printer back, then he introduced at M. AG in Düsseldorf the purchasing organization of the Oil Companies in Libya. There I sold several technical equipment totaling +/- 100,000,+ the best part was a UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply,......