Furthermore, I had a client in Nieuwendijk, Contractor Company I., who had in the polder there in the area a Quintetloods as storage and workshop, Jan I., the youngest son, was the "yard boss" I was once with him and then he told me that they had to sharpen about 35,000 bolts of 25mm because of the fact that they had to remove a few kilometers of guardrails I suggested we take a test of how many bolts you can grind through with the grinding discs I deliver, RHODIUS, he ok, so we went sharpening and counting, we came up with a certain number, then those 35,000 parts by the number of bolts per grinding disc and then we came, I thought, at 1,000 sharpening discs, so I got the assignment , then I ordered 1,200, because I obviously got a huge discount on this number, I had them sent to a the nearest station, and Jan I.and I went to pick them up, when he saw that I had 1,200 he said give me that 200 also but, I said, you don't get it, he was, of course, very surprised and said, this I've never experienced , I give an order he is refused, I said, Jan for this party I got a special discount, so I got more profit with another customer of mine, later I was with him in his warehouse I saw a large batch of sharpening discs, which turned out to be over, I asked jan we sometimes sharpened in the wrong way He said, but you won't get this one. At about the same time that the ESSO-Flexicoker was running, Jan Ippel called me and said they had adopted the biggest project they had ever, I asked what kind of project?, he for 4 million guilders, I said, no I don't mean, what does the project entail?, he said, on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam 5 storage solos of 50 meters high, 3 with a diameter of 18m and 2 with a diameter of 9 mtr.,























then I asked him, what kind of tower crane do you put on it?, he said we haven't thought about that yet (??!) then I introduced him if it was necessary I could advise them in it, quite without obligation, since I could say of myself that I know. Later, Jan called and asked me if, on a Friday, at about 16:00 i could be at their office to advise them, so when I sat in the office, with Piet, and Henk I., further ing. Gijs V., who was technical deputy director, after having been introduced extensively, discussed the project, studied the map I then discussed the use of tower construction crane. , so useful, lifting height, boom length with the lifting capacity at the tip and crane track length, when we were at the job I filled in the whole "construction pit" in terms of equipment, such as: where the chain, carpentry workshop and electrical gearboxes had to be positioned, the necessary electricity amperage, when it came to the lighting concerning the construction site but on the silos to be built, I also filled this in. , including the emergency lighting, when it was ready so far, ing. Gijs V., asked me, Mr. van den Hurk, how is it possible that someone with as enormous knowledge as you has, just sells such passive work as drills etc., I said you do not always have to tell.



Then I was asked by Piet I., the general manager, if I wanted to act as a consultant, and I also had to supply the equipment, plus a mechanic for day time and one for the night, now a lot of people think, hey that's easy and bingo, SO NOT, you have to be honest at all times know what the priority is, that is, in my view, first consultant and then salesman and not vice versa, when the tower construction crane was going to be rented, so I had to get involved, when the representatives of the suppliers came into the office they all looked surprised, hey you here, so Gijs suggested they could all of you, myself I.l had started with van der S., Liebherr tower construction cranes, at the end when I had it around it was +/- Dfl 100,000.00 but it had become a Potain the representative of van der S. said to Gijs Mr van den Hurk must have done something about this, I quote Gijs, then Gijs said to that man, "What a bad loser you are, you must leave the office immediately and you will never come back in." I had to be at all the building meetings, there were, the director of the ports of Rotterdam, de Piet and Henk I., Gijs V., the executor of the German company that provided the slide and the main executor of I., and on difficult, and complicated issues, Piet Ippel was always asked by Piet Ippel what to do, with that German firm it was agreed that when the first series of three had finished, the next kubel with concrete to the next series, of two, went, this fought off the German, he went first to disassemble the formwork of the first group and build the next formwork, Piet I. did not come around with that German in this regard, said to me, Ger you take care of this (?!) and I against that German in a direct/snarling tone Herr S. , when we were pronounced it happened as agreed, so the next kubel went directly to the second series.


During a storm I was rushed to the project, where we arrived we went up with the ALIMAK freight lift, at about 50 meters altitude you felt it as a storm, then I had to decide whether we were sliding through gin gene or not, so that very important decision lay with me, I thought how am I going to check this now, what and how should I find a benchmark ?, then I decided that I would have the climbing rod, which sits in the middle of the wall to be collapsed and is therefore absolutely fixed and to have the outside of the slide together as a benchmark, if there is no movement in it then we can continue, then we had to go down, but because of the storm the power cable of the lift had ended up between the spacers and we could not use the lift
anymore , we went down in a container on the caterpillar crane, this container was more than a meter out of the lead because of the storm, I saw the other in the dark that they were as willing as chalk in that container.
I was there at one point to deliver advice and stuff at the same time, after first delivering to NOLTE stuff, which was located on the europoort, then asked a performer of I. to me if I wanted to come by one night, I furrowed my eyebrows and said, ok so i drove there one night, after having had a few drinks of young gin and I wanted to go home again I wanted to go home, I asked that performer, why do you want me to come by once-at night?, he said, when you come in we come completely to
rest. Gijs V. was completely idol of my, as he called it, total knowledge of building, he also once said to my, Ger how come you have such a vast knowledge of building, I said, Gijs before I had, at my last employer Gebr. Hendriks Bouwbedrijf, a company manager meeting every week, we were building +/- 1,000 homes in various cities, and there 85% was about building and the rest about the equipment, in terms of deployment and maintenance, so, later he asked me, Ger you know so much about many things, what kind of education have you actually had?, I Evening Drawing School, then he asked what is that, I said, that's kind of craft school, but then you work daytime and you go to school at night, he said, I also have a friend like you, no higher education, has two






businesses and he's also so intelligent, like you, he's almost insane , I asked you by chance no other example ?, so we laugh, but still.


When I went to their office I always had a conversation with Kees I. the finance director, he always talked about his wife who was sinking further and further mentally, she was even admitted once in a psychiatric hospital, later it turned out because she had had surgery on her uterus, she had severe mental health problems because of the fact that her hormone management was disrupted, but I recognized in the behaviors of his wife mentioned by Kees, who had also operated on her uterus, so my wife went to the gynecologist, Doctor N., who said to my wife, fortunately you are there in time, we can still give natural hormone preparations.

One Saturday I was back with Kees I. after "our" conversation I still had to project them on the Maasvlakte, I had to deliver a rubber cable of 5x16mm2, Kees said to me, come but I have to put it in my car anyway, he drove the same car as me then a Peugeot 505, I put it in his trunk and then a loud crackle, turned out to be his fishing rod of carbon/fiberglass which cost then Dfl. 400.00, I was shocked and said, I will reimburse him, or pass it on to my insurance, said Kees, that is not necessary, I knew that he was in it, so it is my own fault, so such a good relationship I had built up with them in the meantime. At one point, at the end of the project on the Maasvlakte, i was asked, Ger it is good that we pay a little later, because we also have to wait for the payments of our client, I found that agreement. A few after this project I got a contract from Jan to do 2 pieces of ELU hand-circle saw machines, when I delivered them he said to me that I could have bought for nine guilders cheaper from your competitor, I was sad, but yes, as my wife said, he was not in the picture at the project on the Maasvlakte, so had no idea how it went and felt maybe put aside.