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my wife's boarding school friend we've been friends with all along who had various "ailments" among her members, including: sugar, (a leg had already been dropped off), bad kidneys, (she had a "rinse machine" at home), rheumatism to her heart muscle, Henri, her husband stated: besides flu, the rest she did, in February 2006 it turned out that she had cancer on her pancreas, she made the decision to allow euthanasia to apply, "it was enough" when we went to her on a Sunday, while the Monday on the euthanasia would take place, she told me Ger tell me a few more good jokes so I still laughed before I'm there tomorrow, believe me, not a mop , then her sister, Ger and this one....., I then told several of them ??!??, when I gave her a hand and a kiss as goodbye she said to my, Ger if necessary, you catch Henri on hey, yes of course, it turned out that later did not be necessary, we had some contact with Henri afterwards, and he drew his own plan.

===they sent him to the wall in the hospital from the greenhouse for years, "it must be between your ears" the standard saying if they don't know what it actually is, but by information obtained from his great-uncle they found out what it was, an inheritance and liver disease, then they later applied a liver transplant at Charles in Groningen, but yes too late, at the same time an acquaintance of our Shaman and Willie were also in that hospital for a liver transplant

, after three years this man died, but Charles died millimetres by millimetre, and was taken care of in an exemplary way by Lies at home, but he became increasingly immobile and therefore it was very hard for Lies to bring this up, but great, a lot of people can take an example of her, furthermore you could also see what we are "spoiled" in terms of care options at home, they have been given a lot of tools and other equipment from the municipality etc., at one point my wife and I were at a flea market on Noord, then we got a call, Uncle Ger you come a.u.b. our Dad has had a cardiac arrest, so we with an emergency corridor to the hospital, there they resuscitated him and later replanted a pacemaker , Charles she later when my head gives up I let the plug pull out, I got from him the shield below:

When in May 2008 it was "on" Charles and Lies and children made the decision to have euthanasia applied together, Charles went to the hospital, was assigned a special room where people could walk in and out all day to say goodbye to Charles
when I gave him a hand and a kiss as he said goodbye, Gerrie, thank you for being your friend all these years, After that, I was in a battle for weeks =='s-Gravenhage,

my wife and I drove there, it was about possibly delivering the communication system C2000 in South Africa and setting it up t.b.of the World Cup 2010 , and the ambassador's husband wanted to commit to this, after speaking to each other at their residence, we would then go to Jan and Nora H. in Zoeterwoude-Dorp, (we remember these people from when we lived in Leiden, Jan also worked at Gebr. van Heesewijk, we always kept in touch, when we told them about Patricia's death, Nora was in the hospital and Jan took them out of the hospital, to be able to say goodbye to Patricia, whether the doctors thought it was right or not), we had called them that we were coming, but for some reason I "crossed" while driving to avoid a traffic jam, now that it went completely wrong and then really wrong , after an hour too long driven my wife said we're not going to Jan and Nora anymore,

I said we'll go, normally I would have agreed to it, but not now, I was just forced to go to Jan and Nora when we got there, it became clear, Jan had to go to the hospital the next day for a biopsy they had done to him about his lungs, it didn't look good, the next day Jan called and said he had given up, with lung cancer, now I understood that compulsion the day before, we went to 's-Gravenhage a few more times and so to Jan and Nora, it wasn't good, at some point I got over his arm and Jan started crying , so we all afterwards, at some point my wife said after visiting Jan and Nora, we are not going back, I want to remember him how he looks now, at one point we got a call from their eldest son Ronald, and said Papa asks if you want to come, of course we said, we come right now, and we got in our car and went to Zoeterwoude, at

home a son said to Jan Papa our Peter and Grandma Ger and Aunt my wife are coming, said Jan o.k. then I can die now, when we got there Jan could just say hello to us with his hand raised, there turned out only Nora, his children, daughters-in-law, we were present , no one from Jan and Nora's family was asked and present.
I sat at about eight o'clock with his daughter-in-law at Jan's bedside and then said his daughter-in-law, Ger, I think he's dead now, I said Jan, he gave a sigh, and Jan was dead, later a doctor came as a coroner to confirm and record his death, this clumsy had a brightly flowered/colored Bermuda pants on, disgraceful, on my wife's advice we stayed there to catch Nora, and then I said, if you're short of people to carry Jan's coffin, I'll carry him, we've gone to his cremation, when we were there wanted to enter the entrance for Family, said my wife, Ger we're only acquaintances But I thought, since we were the only ones to be at his death?, then a son came to us in a panic, they were afraid that we had not come, they had indeed expected us to come to the Family Room, then I carried the coffin, and that was very hard for me, after Patricia's death these kinds of "movements" are nevertheless mentally difficult.

I helped her quite a few times, her husband was a jerk, never did anything in and on the house, in the stairwell, we lived on the 4th floor, stood a used dishwasher, which was theirs, I asked him, what do you do with it? I said I don't know yet, I said to Henriette, if you don't do anything with it, we want him, free of course, she said to him later, tell Ger that their can have him, you don't do it, he said, Ger you can have that dishwasher??!, within half an hour we had a working dishwasher in our "pantry" later during our move to the Westenburgerweg he helped him. at one point Henriette got problems with her liver, my wife had borrowed a bike from her and asked me to give it back, I rang the bell, Henriette opened, and I was scared "to death" I've never seen anyone so yellow all over her body , she had a nightgown on, even the whites of her eyes were yellow, I called my wife so my wife could see it too, Henriette was admitted to the hospital that week and we went to see her that week on Thursday, When we got to that ward they were already crying at the door of the room she was in, her husband said, it's over, she's about to get a shot to apply active euthanasia, I asked if we could go in for a while, they were fine, Henriette was in a fetal position of pain, when she heard us they were going to sit down, I said stay down Henriette, then she said, very laborious , thank you for being our neighbors, and with her latest effort, she said still faltering, Ger.

====She asked me if I wanted to take the key to her front door, and that she could call me if there was anything wrong with her, fallen or something, I already had a key from another old woman from the first floor before, so I said ok give it, and indeed sometimes she had fallen and then I helped those women to "get them back up" at one point called the woman's daughter on the same floor to see if I wanted to look at her
mother , she didn't trust it, I went there and there was already someone from home care, I looked at that old woman and said to the wife of home care, let them take them to the hospital, Because I think she had a stroke, that home care woman looked at me strangely and I said do that now, I'll call her daughter, so to speak, I called her daughter and told her I thought her mother had had a stroke, and that we had already called the ambulance to take her mother to the hospital, I advised that daughter not to drive too fast, she had to come from Apeldoorn, days later I visited that woman in the hospital , she was sitting in the hallway in a wheelchair and when she saw me she said, thank you sir for what you did, I later heard from her daughter that that was the only thing she said.

had enormous pain
in his stomach, we visited him there, later he went home, he lived on a campsite in a mobile home, his neighbor Sienie, and also girlfriend, to which he owed a lot after Nelly's death, took good care of him, also of course he was well cared for by his children, Jos was found to have lung cancer, about 9 months after falling ill in august 2013.
He has said to me 2 to 3 times, Ger even though I only had half your character, almost always positive, reliable and