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BELGIUM Around-1989

Via ETC-European Trading and Consultancy, part of HTB, we supplied in Belgium, among others, to SBM, a Belgian electrical installation installer, including electrical installation equipment supplied for the installation of a large mushroom farm in Switzerland, at the first assignment consisting of electricity cable, cable and ladders and other installation equipment, I ordered those items from C. BV an electric wholesaler, I also had a quote on the cable jobs and ladders also requested from the manufacturer, there I also got a quote from, which was clearly lower than from C., when the representative came to me I showed the difference, he said but not the cable track and ladders, I said no you get the order of all products, I not only pick the currants from the porridge, but now you can with the manufacturer in conclave, liver but the complete sacrificed, this would have later its effect ,

it was for about Dfl. 50,000,= I asked the manager to make the payment via an L/C, one of the directors called me and asked if I didn't trust them, I suggested Ivo I trust everyone but when it comes to money I don't trust anyone, you do? and now that went on also with the second assignment, also about Dfl. 50,000,= suggested the manager I can not arrange an L/C so quickly, then I said pay then go ahead, so to speak, later it was an assignment of about Dfl. 25,000,= so that was also paid fore window, then we got another order of about Dfl. 25,000,= asked the manager can't charge it, I said to him we still have about Dfl. 15,000,= of your credit from other deliveries, he asked if we now pay the half windscreen and other half on account, then you have to be right making a decision, I said okay then further 10 info columns, these were steel hexagonal cubes on a steel leg in which a monitor and a keyboard were attached one could then by means of an ID card to get info on the facts of their company or city , I had these info columns made by a construction workshop here in 's-Hertogenbosch, which I then had to deliver in Ammerzoden to a company

that built the Hard and Software in it and finished it, painting etc. after a certain time the director called me from Belgium in the evening and told me that they had had a raid in their office of the economic investigation and they had officially declared bankruptcy, I had already given C. the order for vmvk cable and the like I called the contact man and said, Jan my last assignment I rescind because my client in Belgium is declared bankrupt, pfff said Jan, I said if necessary I pay the cutting costs of the cables etc. Jan said, "Ger lets me see, I thought, wait a minute I had to deliver those information columns to a company in Ammerzoden, a man had come to me who lived in Den Dungen, a village next to 's-Hertogenbosch, who

turned out to be the director of SBM ??, he told me that he had been urged by the curator to pay those info columns, I said wait, I'm going to negotiate with the company where I delivered them, when I've done that I'll send a credit note to the curator, I went to that company and asked if I could speak to the person in charge of the info columns, in the entrance of the company there was already an info column completely rigged, the operator told me that sir..... I asked him how did those info columns go, he said I sold 4 in Germany and 3 in England, I thought Bingo, I asked him how he thought he would solve that, because in the end he had basically just been the delivery address, but not the client and they were basically still my property, he said send a proposal, I said, ok, now I sent him an invoice where I had only calculated my purchase costs, I thought if I didn't have a big loss, he sent a letter back saying that he was willing to pay 50%, I bloodlink, I called Pieter a brother of a friend of our son , who had graduated as a lawyer, and I asked and stated that this could not be, he said that he is according to, I believe, Article 51 and 52 of the civil penal code "possessive in bad faith" now that I drafted a letter to the delivery address in Ammerzoden stating that regarding him proposal that this kind of trade only took place in the cattle market, but not with adult companies, and given him, I now acknowledged to them the gross selling price I had calculated SBM, if they wouldn't be paid within a fortnight by them I would be forced to call in a bailiff, two days later the bank called that they had received a telephone payment, it was the net amount , but still. I sent the curator a credit invoice, I got a letter from them

"where the dogs don't like bread": I called the curator and asked him if that was a habit of theirs to send such letters to creditors, he argued that his daughter was actually conducting this case, but they were under the assumption that I was in cahoots with the main contractor, I asked him, why should I, because the goods have not yet been paid and under the right of reservation of ownership if not payment the goods remain my property, he said; that law money not in Belgium, I said, but the goods have never been in Belgium, so, said that is true, then I asked him, if you prove that they are in Belgium I will prove that that is not, ok? never heard from that curator again, but also never again from that director from Den Dungen, the loss has been about Dfl. 10,000,= bad luck so...  in Lier, which burned down we were there, together with Rick de C. a Belgian who was director of Nolte Belgium, when we drove in Belgium I asked Albert know that I am coming, Albert, no but he sees that when we are there ??, not my way, but just about, when we arrived in Lier at the remainder of the 'former' factory I met the person in question, after first getting acquainted

, he told him about the event, he said: when the pumpers arrived they had no pumps big enough in capacity, then help came from the army, they had big pumps but then they didn't have enough water, and the factory has totally burned down, now that was clear to see, there was only a big mess to see, he told then wam the man of insurance and who asked me, may I your name, said the man of the company, Telfort, you do not want to believe it: Rudy van den B., then we talked about various things and also that a new factory was going to be built, then we suggested to take a pint of beer in Lier , Rudy said, no that can't be because Nicole, my wife, and I have a wedding party tonight that we should be visiting, now Rick and Albert thought that wedding was an excuse and Rudy would much rather go to Liers Jazz festival, we now have a pint than, Rudy, o.k. than we went to a café in Lier, when we asked Rudy another pint? said Rudy, at half past seven, half past eight, half past nine, half past nine I have to go, so we stopped, Rudy to his Nicole and we went back to the Netherlands, later Rudy said to my Nicole was good evil, she did not clap against me for two weeks' (clapped it is Flemish for talk) during the construction of the new factory in Zolder-Heijst in Belgium I was able to supply all the tools and that was quite a bit, all the previous tools had been burned/destroyed in the previous factory in Lier, I had to ask several times for a 'translation', e.g. an underlay ring they call there 'a rondelleke' later we, Albert, Rick, Rudy and myself with our wives, Albert was alone, at the Chinese , the Blue Lotus at school in Eindhoven, when we sat at the table and Rudy spoke to his wife about our first visit that Rudy came home so late and she had been waiting all evening in "first grey" creature Rudy, Albert and Rick my on as the culprit, I said to Nicole, even at half past eleven Rick said I should no longer I go home, then Nicole said 'then should have kept him' , later I met Rudy again, then he worked at a generator manufacturer, but that meeting actually went quite negatively, not on a business but on a human level.