Now it is said that people who have such a trauma as a skull

fracture are more "open" to extraterrestrial experiences: On April 26, 1970, when we were hitchhiking to Nederhorst ten Bergh, scooped off the road by a Citroën HY9, the mirror of this car had hit me on the left side of the head,

according to tradition of Pouwke, Jan and Huub, the mechanics at NWC I sailed 3-4 meters through the air and ended up in a hospital in Hilversum, after examination I had a skull fracture (5 fractures) and a severe concussion, I spent 4 days in a coma and then I spent 2 weeks in Hilversum in the hospital, at one point I had to go to the toilet and when I wanted to get up I saw that I was tied to the bed with a tyre about 4 cm wide, this band was attached to the bed by a kind of busier track, there were three holes in it to disconnect the tire, I looked closely at how I could unplug it , now there was on the box next to the bed cutlery, I took the fork and tried to put a tooth that was in one of the holes that did not go the positions were too close together, I turned a tooth at right angles and then put it in the hole and so uncoupled the tire, the other patients kept shouting don't do it, but I "totally off the path" just went cocky and went to the toilet, I can still remember what the hallway and toilet looked like, when I came back a nurse and another person were waiting for me and I got my fail because I had broken the stuff the fork), at least in my experience(??) ,

and since the neurologist couldn't get in touch with me, I was taken by ambulance to carolus hospital in 's-Hertogenbosch, where Dr. K. the neurologist came and asked me, what did you, I said you should know better than myself, then he asked how it came, I said, if you know the one, you know the other, he said, if your wife comes send them along, so said so done, after a number of days told me, you may go home tomorrow, I told my wife, who got a rolling, because she was busy to wallpaper again, so it was at home a mess, then I lay on a table and put the Dr. K. a hypodermic needle in the ball of my foot , I didn't feel that, he said stay only a few days, my wife happy(??), but obviously super happy that I was allowed to go home a few days later, I spent about 3 weeks in this hospital, so 5 weeks totally in the hospital.
A few (4-5) weeks later I wanted to go to work, I stood with the supervising physician, Dr. O. and said that, he said no that is not possible, I said I want to go to work, he said ok then for half days, said, that can not because we drive a car up and down to Nederhorst ten Bergh, he said, now I can tell you, but with what you have I can never send you to work again, but I'll see you in a week about four back, so

Furthermore, I have suffered for years on the left side of my body, at least once paralyzed and suffered from aphasia for a very long time, but I have always had support from my wife's, and taught myself if I told myself to keep an eye on the listener's reaction, when that changed because I did the sentence structure totally wrong, I could quickly think back what and especially how I had said it and thus correct myself, but still now I sometimes lose words because of that aphasia, and then my wife says/calls that word, so unnoticed she keeps an eye on my conversation, now 2105, and fills in if necessary.............


myself had not been so clear because in May of that year as mentioned above, I had suffered a base fracture of my skull on the night of 13 to 14 March 1994, my father came to me in my mind, had already died +/- 24 years ago, he looked at me 'upside down' I told my wife in the morning, our Dad was with me last night, on April 17th at 0:30am my mother called.........

a Tyrolean model, she said to me, Ger keeps a close eye on my wife, it's not going well, keep a close eye on her, a few days later I arrived back in Malta, where my wife had stayed and I said to my wife, Nellie has been with me, I had to keep an eye on her you.
What's she going to do? but it turned out later that I had misunderstood so, it did not go well at all, because later in the day our son called that our daughter Patricia had died. DEATH OF OUR

DAUGHTER PATRICIA When we were home the next day and we went to the morgue in hospital, I thought I was going crazy, I said Patricia say something, she was lying on a table with a sheet over her, only her face was visible, the next morning "Patricia said to me;

Dad I'm happy here too, say that to Ramon, her boyfriend with which she had lived for a year, and because she said the latter, I was sure Patricia said that, she had a lot of headaches, the doctor said it was probably migraines, but it was all the aneurysm that leaked, and the next morning she said to me: Daddy I have no pain here anymore.....

wife and I drove there, it was about possibly delivering the communication system C2000 in South Africa and setting up the.b 2010 World Cup, and the Ambassador's husband wanted to commit to this, after speaking to each other at their residence, we would then go to Jan and Nora H. go in Zoeterwoude-Dorp, (we remember these people from when we lived in Leiden, Jan also worked at Gebr. van Heesewijk, we always kept in touch, when we told them about patricia's death, Nora was in the hospital and Jan took them out of the hospital
, to be able to say goodbye to Patricia, whether the doctors liked it or not), we had called them to say we were coming, but for some reason I "crossed" while driving to avoid a traffic jam, now it went all wrong and then really wrong, after an hour too long driven

my wife said we're not going to Jan and Nora anymore, I said we're going, normally I agreed, but now I wasn't, I was just forced to go to Jan and Nora, when we got there, it became clear, Jan had to go to the hospital the next day for a biopsy that they had done to him regarding his lungs , it didn't look good, the next day Jan called and said he'd given up, with lung cancer, now I understood that compulsion the day before, we went to Gravenhage a few more times and so to Jan and Nora, it wasn't good, at one point I went over his arm and Jan started crying, so we all afterwards, at one point, my wife said after visiting Jan and Nora, we're not going back, I want to remember him like this, at some point we got a call from their eldest son Ronald, and said Dad asks if you want to come, of course we said, we're right now, and we got in our car and we went to Zoeterwoude , at home a son said to Jan Papa our Peter and Ome Ger and Aunt my wife are coming, Jan said o.k. then I can die now, when we got there Jan could just greet us with his hand raised, there appeared to be only Nora, his children, daughters-in-law, we were present, no one from Jan and Nora's family was asked and present.
I sat at about eight o'clock with his daughter-in-law at Jan's bedside and then said his daughter-in-law, Ger, I think he's dead now, I said Jan, he gave a sigh, and Jan was dead, later a doctor came as a coroner to confirm and record his death, this clumsy had a brightly flowered/colored Bermuda pants on, disgraceful, on my wife's advice we stayed there to catch Nora, and then I said, if you're short of people to carry Jan's coffin, I'll carry him, we've gone to his cremation, when we were there wanted to enter the entrance for Family, said my wife, Ger we're only

acquaintances But I thought, since we were the only ones to be at his death?, then a son came to us in a panic, they were afraid that we had not come, they had indeed expected us to come to the Family Room, then I carried the coffin, and that was very hard for me, after Patricia's death these kinds of "movements" are nevertheless mentally difficult.

During the night of 02 to 03 February 2015 my (deceased) mother appeared, I saw them passing from right to left in the hallway,

On March 24, my brother-in-law, the husband of my twin sister Ria, died of complications after a colon operation



in April 2020, several times at night during my sleep, as it seemed, my body was tapped and one early morning while I was awake and my arm was above my head was pulled vigorously on my right finger, I pulled back and when I came from the surprise I looked at my finger pulling stopped and I saw nothing But my finger has been painful for a while.


and what people think of these events is their right, but I am grateful that this happens to me!










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